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At Cogoport, we help importers and exporters grow their businesses internationally by making trade simpler, effortless and affordable using technology.


Founded June 2016
Over 500,000 containers shipped
Team of 450+ people
149 countries shipped to

Our Vision

Globalise SMEs and accelerate their business.

Our Mission

Use technology to provide better shipping and cash flow for SMEs, globally.

Smarter international trade

Our goal: Grow the business of exporters and importers

We want to make life easier for small & medium-sized exporters and importers.
Import/export and shipping goods have been until now a cumbersome process with hefty documentation, lack of transparency, poor stakeholder collaboration and process inefficiencies.

All the best import, export services in one place.Using the Cogoport platform, exporters and importers can easily connect with logistics providers (shipping liners, freight forwarders, transporters, customs house agents, etc.) and collaborate with them to conduct their international trade more efficiently.

Grow your business and free up your time.We also have added services that help small and medium-sized importers and exporters to plan and manage their daily business efficiently. Our goal is to help you grow your business and free up your time.

Our pride! 30,000+ SMEs use Cogoport to grow their business internationally

Cogoport Team


The Team

Our multicultural and multinational team keeps the exporter and importer at the centre of all their efforts. We constantly look for how we can improve processes, decrease costs and, at the same time, increase profits for our customers.

Our values and way to be


Customer First, Always

Our customers come first and form the core of our business. Our services are designed around their needs and we continuously use customer feedback to improve our services.


‘We fundamentally rethink the way we tackle challenges’

We strongly believe in nurturing Intrapreneurs within our company because their passion for their jobs and ability to think outside the box helps us to constantly innovate and improve our product, allowing us to deliver a better experience to our customers.

Join our growing team

Teamwork rocks. Alone we can do little, together we can do so much more.