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Is Digitizing Shipping Processes Enough to Improve India’s Ease of Doing Business Ranking?

Digitization is just one of the factors that can help enhance the Import-Export process in India, what are the others?

DPD Update: Procedure to be followed for “one time default intimation” to Shipping Lines by DPD importers at JNCH

Procedure to be followed by DPD importers for one time default intimation to be sent to shipping lines before arrival of the vessel

Customs Notification 33/2018: Mandatory Declaration of GSTIN, IEC and Email Address of Importer in the Bills of Lading Obtained by Shipper

Customs make declaration of Importer's GSTIN, IEC and email address compulsory in Bills of Lading issued from 1st April 2018

US – China Trade War: Impact on Global Trade

A look at United States' recent trade protectionist policies and how they impact global trade

e-Way Bill Update: CBEC Amends e-Way Bill Rules, Implementation from 1st April for Interstate Trade

Amendments to the e-Way Bill and implementation dates for interstate and intrastate

The Shipping Revolution: 5 Technologies that are Transforming the Shipping Industry

The technologies that are transforming the shipping indutry

Need of the Hour - An Integrated Supply Chain

Why is an integrated supply chain important?

e-Way Bill Update: Central Goods and Services Tax (Second Amendment) Rules, 2018

Amendments to the e-Way Bill released by the CBEC on 7th March 2018

A Step-by-Step Guide to the International Container Shipping Process - Export

A step-by-step guide to the export process for shipments originating from India

Air or Sea: How To Decide Which Mode of Transportation is the Best for You?

Here's the difference between Sea and Air transportation and when to choose which mode.

The Digital Supply Chain: Benefits to the Shipping Industry

How going digital will benefit the shipping industry

Infographic: Know Thy Neighbour - An Introduction to India's Trade with China

China is one of India's biggest trading partners. Read to know more about the bilateral trade between the two Asian giants.

Infographic: Know Your Seaports - Top 3 Major Busiest Container Ports of India

An introduction to the ports of India.

10 Tips to Reduce Transportation Cost in Shipping

Strategies that can help you reduce transportation costs

Infographic: How is Freight Budget Determined?

Transportation costs make up to one-third of the total cost, making it one of the biggest component of the product supply chain.

Infographic: Indian Shipping Industry - 70 Year Evolution

A walk down the memory lane of Indian Shipping Industry

3 Mandatory Documents that Exporters and Importers Need to Have for a Hassle-free Shipping Experience

3 documents that should accompany every export shipment to or import shipment from India

Cargo Insurance: A Safety Net When the Sailing Isn’t Smooth

A guide to Cargo Insurance

How to Prevent Shipping Hazards: A Complete Guide to Shipping Hazardous Cargo

Rules to Follow When Shipping Hazardous Cargo

Secondary Packaging: An Important Component in International Shipping

A complete guide to secondary packaging

5 Common Export Mistakes to Avoid

A guide to excelling in exports

Direct Port Delivery: How is the New Import Container Clearance Process at JNPT Faring?

A quick overview of the Direct Port Delivery model and how it has fared in the year since it was implemented for all ACP members


Process Ignorance or Commercialisation, What’s the Cause Behind Maersk Honam Fire?

As an industry, it is important we try to find the cause of such incidents and work towards a solution to mitigate them.