What’s the Difference Between a Freight Forwarder and Cogoport?

By Cogoport | 16 Nov 18
What’s the Difference Between a Freight Forwarder and Cogoport?

One of the questions we get a lot at Cogoport is what the difference is between Cogoport and regular or digital freight forwarders. You can book a container shipment at a freight forwarder as well, right?

Well technically, yes, you can. But there are a LOT of differences. I’m happy to take you through some of them.

All Suppliers vs. Preferred Suppliers

Freight forwarders may have contracts with certain carriers, which can result in the fact that they will favor these carriers. They have a direct commercial interest in which carrier you choose.

If you use the Cogoport platform you can book shipments with all carriers on the platform. Cogoport has no contracts that would cause us to promote a certain carrier. We present you with all the options and the choice is yours. We empower customers to make their own free choice.

Specified Rates vs. All-in Rates

Freight forwarders often give you all-in rates. You get a price for your shipment without really knowing what you are paying for.

If you use the Cogoport platform you get a full and transparent breakdown of all the cost involved in your shipment. All charges to you are clear and specified. Our promise to you is: no surprises. There are never any additional charges for any reason after the shipment is booked. What you see is what you get.

Full price comparison vs. Ocean freight price comparison

Freight forwarders often let shippers choose between different ocean freight rates. The total landed cost of each shipment, however, can be very different.

If you use the Cogoport platform you not only get the ocean freight rate but also complete insight into all other related costs, whether they are at the port of origin or the port of destination. That way you can base your decision on the total landed cost. Not only port-to-port but door-to-door if you want.

Pro-active vs. Reactive Notifications

Booking a shipment at a freight forwarder usually involves many phone calls and emails. The same goes for tracking your shipment.

If you use the Cogoport platform you get full visibility for all your shipments. For each shipment, there is a clear overview of all the milestones and it’s easy to find a detailed track and trace information if you need it. You will also get an instant notification if there is an issue with one of your shipments. You can have peace of mind and use your time to focus on other matters. As long as you don’t hear from us everything is fine.

The 4 main differences between digital freight marketplace Cogoport and a freight forwarder

  1. An unbiased overview of all available carriers
  2. Specified rates. What you see is what you get.
  3. Choosing a carrier based on total landed cost.
  4. Peace of mind. Pro-active notifications if a shipment needs your attention

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