Cogoport X Prodalim Group Interview

By Cogoport | 16 Sep 19
Cogoport X Prodalim Group Interview

Watch Ido Rosenthal, CTO at Prodalim group, talk about the joys and challenges of running a successful international business.

Prodalim Group provides optimised solutions to bottling companies across the globe.  More simply put,  they get top quality fruit juices into the hands of bottling companies, who then make sure that those same juices fill your glass.

1. What inspired the creation of Prodalim?

2. What is your experience of being an entrepreneur?

3. How do you feel about the industry growing in the era of digitisation?

4. What are your thoughts on sustainable practices in the industry?

5. Do you face any challenges with importing and exporting your product?

6.  How do you utilize technology to make your business more efficient?

7. What 3 things do you wish you know when you started?

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