Technology - Redefining the Value Addition

By Cogoport | 14 Jun 17
Technology - Redefining the Value Addition

Speed and impact have now proven their play in other business models and markets. They now drive the new alternative models. Weaving these models tight with belts on is the hidden buzzword - Technology. Strategies which are technologically-driven are now knocking on the doors of standard logistics houses.

The shrinking size of the company and its rising procurement cost and sales cost could be addressed by a technology that will not only offer solutions, but also respond proactively with reviews and regular feedback.

So will this template, called Technology, lead to a disruptive model of a system that sees so many hand-offs.

In this rat race, it is the addition of value that will determine disruption. A tech-enabled platform could be synonymous with this `value’. So, would the existing mediators feel vulnerable with this opportunity-seeking, technologically-sound, real-value-adding service provider? They could, of course, ally with a new player that worked at building technology platforms for ease of business and brought in better standards. Would there be time to experiment?

Therein lies the challenge - Of tapping opportunity in an industry that could be the best case of using technology. 

In a competitive and transparent environment, every added value could influence user behaviour. Technology would just provide the means to the end – a complete and honest ecosystem – as long as every stakeholder persists on the value quotient..

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