6 Proven Ways to Keep your International Customer Happy

By Cogoport | 13 Mar 20 | Read Time: 3 minutes
6 Proven Ways to Keep your International Customer Happy

Customer retention is one of the topmost priorities of most organizations today. It is great to try and find ways to create new customers, but you need to figure out ways to keep your existing ones happy and glued as well. If your international customers aren’t satisfied with what you have on offer, there are very few chances that they will stay.

If the stats are to be believed, it is 5 times costlier to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. Even though you may have a great product line up, it is essential to do certain things to retain your international customers and keep them satisfied.

Here are the proven 6 ways in which you can keep your international customers happy:

1. Respond to your customer quotation request within 8 hours

Every time a potential customer asks you for a quote for your product, you should send him the quotation within a day. The faster you are, the better the chances of him giving the order to you. As the saying goes, First Impression is the last impression - By being the quickest, you can leave an everlasting impression.

2. Impress him with a well-designed Professional Quotation

It is time for you to stop sending him quotation over Whatsapp message or via excel sheet. An international buyer is just not interacting with you to buy the products. At any given time, he will be interacting with at least 8 sellers from various countries. Have a well- designed professional quote in a PDF, which can be shared via Whatsapp and email.

3. Surprise your First Time buyer with a lower cost than the actual quoted price

Freight rates keep on changing every 15-20 days. Due to market volatility, you happen to procure lower rates during shipping than the rate, which you quoted. In such a scenario, it is advisable to pass on the benefit to your international buyer. This will not only delight him but also increase his trust in your business.

4. Give regular updates of the shipment even when the shipper has not asked for it

Your customer needs to know all about his shipment. If you can send him regular updates even before his update request, is the best way to delight him. You can send him shipment updates based on the 5-6 steps such as Stuffing is done, Custom Clearance is done, Container Gate-in, Shipment sailed & Shipment reached.

PRO TIP: Various free online platforms such as Cogoport, provide live shipment updates.

5. Never reject any new business due to lack of funds to procure or produce goods

Many experts will advise you to say No to a customer if you can’t deliver goods or services to him on time. However, in international trade, if a customer is gone, he is gone forever. He might not just move to your competition in the same country, but he might go to a new seller from a different country altogether. Hence to protect yourself from financial risks, you can avail trade financing options provided by various NBFCs. They will pay you 90% of the invoice immediately to ensure that you have enough cash to service a new order.

6. Send him valuable content that can benefit him personally or professionally

It is important to keep your international customer engaged when he is not doing any transaction with you. The best way to keep him engaged is by sharing valuable content in the form of images, articles or videos with him.

PRO TIP: There are various freelancers or online companies such as Fiverr, Upwork etc., where you can work with freelancers to create content to delight your international customers.

Keeping your current customers happy will help create new business opportunities from existing as well as new referrals. By practising the suggestions mentioned above, you can full-proof that your customers are delighted with your business.