9 Benefits of Working with your Freight Forwarder or CHA using a Digital Platform

By Cogoport | 13 Mar 20 | Read Time: 3 minutes
9 Benefits of Working with your Freight Forwarder or CHA using a Digital Platform

Freight forwarders and CHAs form an essential part of the global supply chain for movement of goods. The new digital platform has forced them to upgrade themselves with customer requirements and time. The rise of digital technology and the changing international trade landscape has changed the way exporters & importers work. In this globalisation world, we are not just competing with domestic country exporters but also with Digitally advanced Chinese, Japnese, Korean etc. shippers. To make your business faster and competitive, you should work with your Freight Forwarders, CHAs, Truckers etc. on a Digital platform. Here are the 8 benefits of working with your service providers:

1. Get Instant Rate for any port pairs 24*7

You will no more have to wait for your service provider to pick up your calls and give you the required Freight Quotes. You may stay in office, gym, home or a mall, you can get instant rates using a Digital Platform. Not just this, you can compare the rate available from multiple forwarders & shipping lines within seconds.

2. Book Containers in less than a minute

With a Digital Platform, the power is with you. You can book multiple containers with just a few clicks. You can edit any changes in terms of the billing address, the type of B/L you need etc. at a single place. This will ensure there is no delay due to an error in documentation.

3. Do better container planning

You will be able to see shipping line schedules, Free Days, availability of additional services such as trucking or haulage all at one place. This information will help you plan your shipments better. Even in case of any delay, with the help of the given information, you can make necessary changes to ensure the goods reaches the consignee on time.

4. Impress your client with a professional-looking Quotation

Many Digital Platforms help you create a professional-looking quotation online. You can add information such as product images, cost etc and download the document as a PDF. This PDF can be shared on Whatsapp or Email.

5. Track your shipment live online

The whole shipping process has more than 60 touchpoints. In such a scenario, Digital platforms help an exporter or importer track the shipments live 24*7 from anywhere anytime. This will also help you increase your customer service as you can give live updates to your consignee.

6. Have Flexible Payment Terms and not just 30 credit days

When you are working with all the service providers on a Digital Platform, then you have the opportunity to pay in 30, 45, 90 or 120 days to the online platform. This will ensure you have enough cash flow to fulfil a new business order.

7. Single invoice for multiple services

You will be billed by the online platform. Therefore you will have a single invoice with all the services. This process will help you save a lot of time, which would have been used to manage multiple invoices.

8. Securely store all your shipping documents online

You can save all your shipping documents at a single place. It will be secured and accessible to only particular users for maintaining security.

9. Transparency in Invoicing

Digital platforms bring transparency in the system. If you work with your service providers online, then they will have to display all the hidden costs to you. This will ensure the price you see is the price you pay. In the long run, it will help reduce your logistics cost and increase your profit margin.

Upgrading to a digital platform has become a necessity for all - Exporters, Importers, Freight Forwarders and CHA(s) for better and planned management of freight and bringing more confidence to exporters to continue shipping through them for all the benefits mentioned above of the digital platform. Those who still do not adapt, suffer in terms of cost, business and client loss, and hence, survival in the market.

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