Your Ultimate Guide to Managing your FCL Shipments

By Cogoport | 13 Mar 20
Your Ultimate Guide to Managing your FCL Shipments

FCL is the best option for transporting a large volume of goods and especially if you are transporting special goods and equipment which are fragile. It is not only fast but also allows you to choose a separate container for effective packaging that will only be opened at the destination. But, remember that if you are not able to fill the entire container with your goods, you will not be able to save much from FCL shipping. For business owners who are dealing with FCL shipping for the first time, here are a few tips for handling it effectively.

Fast discovery of freight rates

For any sender, it is important to pick the best rates to form a clear idea about the costs involved. Note that freight rates can vary and finding the best rates from the multiple service providers involves a lot of effort and time. With Cogoport you can get the best fright rates at the fastest possible time through the optimum use of technology. You can get guaranteed lowest rates for port pairs to choose the best option for your business. Cogoport also offers the fastest solution for rate discovery with the average time being one minute. Also, the simple but effective online platform allows you a smooth end-user experience.

Learn about the cost-breakup

To get the best deals and make the best out of the service, you need to understand the detailed processes involved in the shipping. Many times there can be unforeseen charges related to detention or demurrage which should not be handled from your end or by the customer. With Cogoport, you can look into the detailed breakup of the charges that you have to pay, including basic freight, locals, surcharges and others. You also get instant rate updates and a transparent system with no hidden charges. Also, the entire range of financial transactions is managed by Cogoport to ensure a hassle-free experience for the customer.

Choosing the right shipment schedule

In the competitive market, time is one factor that you cannot compromise with. So choosing an FCL shipping process that offers fast booking is the first step to optimize the overall time taken for the delivery of any shipment. Unfortunately, the traditional freight booking process can take anywhere between one to two days for the booking of a container. But, with Cogoport, you can complete your booking with a simple click within a minute, thereby saving the overall time and operational costs. The fast and efficient platform also ensures that you can book with verified freight forwarders for getting a reliable service.

Live shipment updates

Keeping yourself updated with the status of the shipment is one aspect that should not be neglected. This way, you can ensure that you can meet the delivery schedule and keep the customer satisfied. Live shipment tracking will also help a sender to take necessary steps in case there is a delay due to any emergency. Cogoport presents an interface that allows you to track every movement of your shipment in real-time. The booking to delivery process is covered by more than 40 touchpoints that provide regular updates about the status of the shipment.

Flexible payment terms

Payment terms are an important consideration while booking an FCL shipment. Depending on the business requirements, flexible payment terms can offer a lot of advantages for any business. Cogoport offers the facilities of 30, 45, 90 or 120 days of credit to its customers who can choose the best possible option depending on the business requirements.

The smooth management of an FCL shipment can have a significant positive impact on the growth rate of your business. With multiple tools that allow you to book and track shipments with ease, Cogoport makes FCL shipping easy for you. Hence to enjoy a seamless shipping experience that is managed by field experts, try Cogoport's FCL Freight services.

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