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Haulage services for your International Shipments

Book inland haulage services including 20ft and 40ft trailers, rail and barge transport between the port and your warehouse

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Pain-free inland haulage services

Take the pain out of booking haulage services. Our experts will handle co-ordination between the CHA, CFS and your loading/unloading team. So you don't need to be on the phone all day.

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View Haulage rates online

Find transparent haulage rates for trailers, rails and barges.
Compare rates across multiple vendors, and choose the one that suits you best.

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Take your shipments
to port and back

Trailers to transport goods between the port and your factory or warehouse. Choose between 20ft and 40ft options as per you need.

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Factory stuffing or destuffing for your international shipments

Stuff or destuff at the factory. Book haulage services between the port and your warehouse, so you have end to end logistics for your international shipments.

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Beijing, China
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New Delhi, India
20’ Standard | QTY: 1 | DDP

Complete haulage services in selected parts of the world

Search haulage services in selected geographies, enabling you to book door to door international shipments in those regions. New regions are added frequently.

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Your shipment delivered. With zero headaches

Seven different suppliers to co-ordinate between for your import/ export shipment? Spending all your time on phone calls, so the shipment isn't delayed? Let our experts handle the co-ordination.

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Problem Solvers

Experts on Haulage Services are here to help you

Book your haulage services online, or reach out to a dedicated haulage expert. We are here to help you book the right service, and optimise every part of your shipment.

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Provide us with some basic details, so a member from our team can call and understand your Transportation requirements better.

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