Dedicated Booking Desk

Average booking turnaround time: 2 hours

Booking received

As soon as you place your booking order, a dedicated freight manager would contact you to notify you of the container request

Booking Details Verified

Your freight details will then be verified for booking confirmation. To make the process easy and effective, we will ensure you don't miss out any detail

Booking Placed With Carrier

Once the booking is verified, the carrier would issue the booking note or D/O

Booking Confirmation shared with Shipper

On the issue of the booking note, the shipment would be confirmed and the D/O would be transferred to you

Discover suitable freight options

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Digitalise Your Freight Process

We will manage it for you

Container Pick Up Process

On confirmation of the booking order, your trailer shall be contacted to pick an empty container from the yard

Stuffing Gate In

The container is then taken to the factory for stuffing from where the stuffed container would move to the port. Cogoport will notify you of the stuffing gate-in time. In case you miss the container gate-in, we will accommodate your freight in a buffer yard and ascertain an alternate gate-in method

B/L Release

Once the container is loaded for the sail, the shipping line would issue the bill of lading. It will be transferred to you immediately via e-mail. Your bill of lading would also be available under the "My shipments" section of your personalised dashboard


Once the B/L is released, a digital invoice would be sent out to you matching the amount displayed to you before booking

Trans-Shipment Issues

In case of trans-shipment issues, we will coordinate with the carrier on your behalf to ensure the loading of the container on the vessel

Shipment Recieved at Port of Discharge

Once your shipment arrives at its destination, the trailer can be contacted to pick up the consignment and the customs clearance duly organised. You would be able to live track the entire shipment journey

Return of empty container

At the end of the delivery, the trailer would be contacted again to collect the empty container

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