A Glossary of
Shipping Industry Terms

Air or Sea: How to Decide Which Mode Of Transportation is The Best For You?Adaptive SmoothingFree Alongside Ship (FAS)Air TaxiAlternate RoutingArrow DiagramActual DemandAggregate PlanAgentActivity Based Costing (ABC)Free Carrier (FCA)AssignmentAmerican National Standards Institute (ANSI)AuditAverage Cost per UnitAvailable to Sell (ATS)Arrival NoticeAny Quantity Rate (AQ)American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)Adaptive ControlAggregate Inventory ManagementAfter Sale ServiceAnti-Dumping DutyActivity Based Costing SystemAmerican Society for QualityActual to Theoretical Cycle TimeAttachmentAutomated Guiding Vehicle System (AGVS)Average Payment Period (for materials)General AverageActivity DictionaryAssemble-to-orderAutomatic ReliefActivity Based Management (ABM)Audit AbilityActive InventoryAutomated Manifest System (AMS)AgilityAverage InventoryActivity Based ManagementAir Cargo ContainersAirline Terminal Fee (ATF)Activity Based Budgeting (ABB) All Cargo CarrierAutomated Storage-Retrieval System (AS-RS)Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)Cargo Agents Settlement System (CASS)American Standard Code for Information InterchangeAssociation of American RailroadsAvailable to Promise (ATP)All RisksAmerican Society for Training and Development (ASTD)Automatic ReschedulingAir Transport Association of AmericaAdvance Material RequestAggregate Tender RateActivity Network DiagramAutomated Call DistributionYork-Antwerp Rules of 1974Anticipated Delay ReportBunker Adjustment Factor (BAF)Activity DriverCarriage And Insurance Paid To (CIP)AttributesAutomated Commercial Environment (ACE)Delivered at Terminal (DAT)Activity RatioApproved Vendor List (AVL)Anticipation InventoriesActivity Based Costing ModelActual Cost SystemAir CargoAdvanced Shipping NoticeAggregate ForecastAppraisal CostsAir WaybillAverage Annual Production Materials Related Accounts PayableAmerican Trucking Association IncActivity AnalysisAmerican Society of Transportation & LogisticsAgile ManufacturingAgency TariffAllocated ItemAllocationSecondary Packaging: A Non-negotiable Product Component!Automated Broker Interface (ABI)American Waterways OperatorsAggregate PlanningActivityAlaskan CarrierAvailable InventoryAmtrakAgglomerationActivity Based Planning (ABP)Activity Based Budgeting (ABB)Actual CostAssumed ReceiptAlpha ReleaseAuditingAudit Trail