Secondary Packaging: A Non-negotiable Product Component!

Secondary Packaging: A Non-negotiable Product Component! 

In this era of online shopping, we’ve all experienced the inconvenience and disappointment of receiving a damaged, short, or incorrect product - courtesy of poor or insufficient secondary packaging

While this matter can be resolved with a sales return, it leaves a poor impression of the seller. If this happens regularly, it is motivation enough to switch to another shopping portal – even if the products on offer are of quality.

Now imagine this situation in an international trade transaction, where product orders are time bound and transit time is long. How would you feel if you’re the buyer? And more importantly, how would your business fare if you’re the seller?

In either case, not very good.

In any kind of trade transaction, especially in international trade, secondary packaging is an essential part of a complete product or a shipment. A good outer packaging not only safeguards the product from damages, but also helps capture the interest of the receiver or the buyer and create a positive brand image.

Apart from the above reasons, here are a few more benefits of good external packaging that you must be aware of: 

1.   Eases Transportation: It is easier to handle and transport goods– small or large, if they are properly packaged. Good packaging also reduces the time taken to load and unload cargo on different modes of transport and ensures that the product reaches the end customer undamaged.