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Cogoport’s partners are quality assured and highly-trusted logistics professionals that deliver their services to more than 15,000+ SMEs.

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Our marketplace is constantly expanding which is why we are continuously looking for reliable logistics partners who want to grow their business.

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Get paid in time

We ensure you get paid exactly on time, always

Verified customers

The platform only has customers whose identities and creditworthiness has been verified.

We handle the customer credit

Your customer wants credit and we help them with that so you don’t have to.

Beat competitors

Beat the competition with effective pricing management and demand insights.

We have customers for you

Get access to thousands of customers on our platform.

Dashboard overview

[COMING SOON] Get complete visibility of your customers and workforce from a single dashboard.

Increase team efficiency

Increase your team efficiency up to 5x with automated task flow management and easy collaboration.

Easy document management

Create and share professional business documents with ease.

Cogoport for

Freight forwarders

Freight forwarders

Grow your revenue 10X and free up your working capital by servicing credit-verified importers and exporters using the Cogoport marketplace.



Grow your transport business and get paid in time by using the Cogoport marketplace where you can access thousands of credit-verified customers.

Customs Agents

Customs Clearing Agents

Modernise and expand your business by using the Cogoport marketplace where you can access thousands of credit-verified customers.

Carriers & NVOCCs

Carriers & NVOCCs

Ensure you utilise your capacity by joining the Cogoport marketplace.

Haulage providers

Haulage providers

Leverage our technology to increase your capacity utilisation by offering inland haulage services to registered exporters and importers.

FAQs - Logistics Providers

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Can I work with my existing customers on Cogoport? Do you charge a convenience fee for this?
What benefits do I get if I sign up with Cogoport

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