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Auckland (NZAKL), Auckland, New Zealand


Auckland (NZAKL), Auckland, New Zealand
Ports of Auckland Building, Sunderland Street, Auckland, New Zealand
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3.6 million (2008)
840 thousand TEUs(2008)

Requirements to ship to the ports

ou need a permit to import these items:ivory in any form, including jewellery, and carvingstortoise or sea turtle shell jewellery, and ornamentsmeat or food derived from whales, dolphins, rare crane, and pheasants, or sea turtlesmedicines containing musk, or rhinoceros or tiger derivatives such as ground horn or bonecarvings or other things made from whalebone or bone from other marine mammalscat skinstrophies of sea turtles, all big cats, rare reptiles, cranes, pheasants, bears, antelope, and deerlive species, including pet eagles, hawks, owls and parrots, many cacti, orchids, cycads, and cyclamenscarnivorous plants.

All plant material must be declared. Items may need treatment or an import permit, and some products are prohibited. Examples of plants and plant products that must be declared include:dried and fresh flowersseedsplant cuttingsitems made of bamboo, cane, rattan, coconut, strawitems made of wood, for example, drums, carvings, masks, weapons, or toolspine conesany souvenirs made from plant material – for example, corn and straw, including items stuffed with seeds and straw,herbal medicines, health supplements, and homeopathic remediescosmetics made from plantsreligious offerings.

All animal products brought into New Zealand need to be inspected and may need treatment or permits. Some items will not be allowed into New Zealand.Animal products include:Chinese or Asian medicinefeatherseggsmeathoney and honey products, including cosmetics, health supplements and medicinesshells and clamsivoryturtle shell itemscoralproducts made from snakeskin or whalebone.Novelty items, souvenirs, and ornaments should be declared if they have any parts made from:animal fibres or feathersanimals hides and skins.

About the port

The port of Auckland is an important harbour for exports products and is the largest and the premier international shipping gateway to New Zealand. It rests on a narrow strip of land between Waitemata Harbor and Manukau Harbor and is one of the few cities with harbours on two different water bodies.


An important export centre of the world, a bustling industrial hub and with an enormous warehousing capacity of handling 840 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo totalling 3.6 million tonnes each year, Port of Auckland sets the pace of economic activities for miles around. With over three kilometres of berthing areas, the state of the art infrastructure of the port is capable of handling 1.2 million passengers per year.


The port of Auckland has been the focal point of power struggles for centuries. The potential of this strategic port was recognised by the end of 1769 when the port was established after the British colonists arrived there. Since then the port was given financial autonomy and it played a major role in the economic growth of the country.


This port ensures the safe, efficient, and cost-effective movement of cargos around the world. All this makes the port of Auckland a reliable and strategic base in the Australasia and an excellent choice for ship container transport.