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Beira (MZBEW), Beira, Mozambique


Beira (MZBEW), Beira, Mozambique
Largo dos CFM, C.P. No. 236, Beira, Mozambique
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Requirements to ship to the ports

No import taxes, aside from tariffs and VAT, are imposed, except on sugar and some luxury items. All importers must be licensed by the National Directorate of Trade, which is part of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Registration is straightforward and has not been used as a non-tariff barrier.

All importers and exporters must be licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Pre-shipment inspections are currently mandatory for all imports. The importation of live animals (other than domestic pets) requires veterinary certificates. Sanitary and phytosanitary requirements exist in legislation for the importation of foodstuffs and plant materials, but are rarely enforced in practice. Special import permits and licenses are necessary for pharmaceuticals, firearms, munitions, and explosives.

About the port

Port of Beira is one of the most important industrial and trade centre in Sofala Province. This vast port can be accessed 24*7 through the Macuti Channel of about 11 meters depth with some limits on night-time navigation.


Facilities on highly versatile site include 15 thousand square metres of warehouse area. It has five separate world class terminals each specialised in a specific field namely, container terminals, general cargo terminal and multi-purpose terminal. Featuring a total of 1994 meters of the wharf, the port of Beira also has a dry dock for vessels up to 110 metres long.


The port has been in operation since 1890. Following a tradition, it offers faster and much better services than ever before. At present, the port is capable of handling up to 46.8 thousand of TEU containers 837.7 thousand tonnes of general cargo, including 345.7 thousand tonnes of import and 486 thousand tonnes of exports.


As the region is more closely connected to the global markets, the port is well known for the imports and exports of various commodities. The port specialising in refrigerated cargoes is aiming to offer the best facilities in the vicinity.