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Durres (ALDRZ), Durres, Albania


Durres (ALDRZ), Durres, Albania
Kapitenerija e Portit L Nr 1 Rruga Tregtare Durres Albania
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'Kapitenerija e Portit, L Nr 1 Rruga Tregtare, Durres, Albania.
1,601,321 tons
66.000 TEU

Requirements to ship to the ports

The following are the main documents required for imports and exports:Certificate of the quality of goods;Certificate of the analysis of goods;Certificate of the origin of goods;Original purchase invoice and terms of delivery (sales contract for the good is optional);Transportation documents (CMR, BL, AWB);VAT number of importer;Import authorization for certain goods.

It is obligatory to describe the sanitary characteristics of food or medical products. Drugs and medical equipment must be registered with the National Center of Drugs and Medical Equipment to be imported into the country

Prohibited• Illegal drugs• Weapons, Explosives and Ammunition• Knives and deadly weapons• Meat products• Plant and plant material• Pets and animals – unless permission has been obtained• Counterfeit money and goods• Pornographic material• Goods 'jeopardizing the protection of the public order and social society'

Restricted• All animals being imported into the country will require a veterinarian health certificate which has being issued from the country of origin alongside a rabies vaccination certificate.• Local currency

About the port

The Port of Durrës (Albanian: Porti i Durrësit) is the largest seaport of Albania. The port is situated in the city of Durrës. It is an artificial basin that is formed between two moles, with a west-northwesterly oriented entrance approximately 183 metres (600 ft) wide as it passes between the ends of the moles.