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Male (MVMLE), Male, Maldives


Male (MVMLE), Male, Maldives
Boduthakurufaanu Magu Maafannu Male 20250 Maldives
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273,000 freight tons

Requirements to ship to the ports

During Export releasable items from Customs BondLiquor and Alcoholic ProductsTransit CargoProhibited items (except Narcotics and psychotropic substances) will be bonded and released to foreign nationals ONLY at the time of their departure. These include restricted items as well as those imported with special permission.

Items for which a bond fee is charged(export):Commercial Items: MVR 50 per Cubic Meter will be charged for each day exceeding 3 days from storage. This is not applicable for items stored as lost items.Transit Cargo: MVR50 per day from the date of storage. If the status of the items change to imported items, bond storage fee will be charged for the duration for which it was stored.

Prohibited goods are goods that are banned completely.Narcotics and psychotropic substancesPornographic material (including sex toys) such as books, magazines, films, videos, DVDs and softwareReligious materials offensive to IslamLive pigsIdols (for worship)

Restricted goods are goods that require a specific permit in order to import them.Liquor and Alcoholic Products Pork and its by-productsChemical and Chemical ProductsFirearms/Explosives/Weapons and AmmunitionPetsLive Plants and AnimalsMedicineTobacco and Tobacco ProductsCommunication Equipment

About the port

Maldives Ports Limited is a state corporation of the Maldives, created to be the sole port authority of the ports of the Maldives. It is 100% owned by the government of Maldives and is located in Malé, the principal port, major city and capital of the archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean