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Saint Petersburg (St Petersburg) (RULED), St. Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg (St Petersburg)

Saint Petersburg (St Petersburg) (RULED), St. Petersburg, Russia
10 Gapsalskaya Str. St. Petersburg 198035 Russia
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2172 meters
500 thousand TEUs

Requirements to ship to the ports

Importers are required to complete a Russian Customs freight declaration for every item imported. A declaration must be supported by the following documents (when applicable): contracts, commercial documents such as commercial invoices and packing lists, transport documents, import licenses, “TR TS” (technical regulation of technical safety) certificates, certificates of origin, sanitary certificates, import permission and licenses (e.g. for products containing encryption technology), and documents confirming the legitimacy of declarants/brokers/importers. All Customs import declarations are submitted electronically. The website of Russia’s Federal Customs Service contains the link to the portal for electronic declarations.

Customs payments generally include: import/export customs duties, taxes, and customs processing fees. Some goods may also require payment of utilisation fees (e.g. wheeled vehicles), or the new ecological fee, introduced on 1 January 2015.

currency control regulations require issuance of a transaction passport for both exports and imports to ensure that hard currency earnings are repatriated to Russia. The regulations also ensure that transfers of hard currency payments for imports are for goods actually received and properly valued.

For any special/OOG cargo acceptance at RUNVS, at the booking stage Shipper or Consignee should apply to local Operations department to check handling optionsPrerequisites for OOG acceptance:Equ type/sizeDimensions, cmOversize, cmCargo weight, mtsTare weight, mtsGross weight, mtsSide walls up (Y/N)Gravity center displacement

Straight B/Ls covering consolidated cargo consigned to different receivers are not allowed. Consolidated cargo must be covered by separate B/Ls.

Commodity: Personally Operated Vehicles/Machinery. Freight collect is not allowed for the subject commodity

It is not allowed to insert several private persons in the Consignee field.

Gross weight and measurement of cargo must be indicated in metric units, i.e. kilograms and cubic meters.

All amendments to transport documents after feeder vessel sailing from the last transshipment port may only be performed subject to approval of destination office.

Special Customs Requirements: Import Cargo Manifest must be submitted 48 hours prior to the vessel’s arrival

About the port

Saint-Petersburg is the largest industrial and transport center, the marine capital of Russia. The port of Saint-Petersburg is the European gateway of the country, the most important transport link between the East and the West.