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Tamatave (Toamasina) (MGTMM), Toamasina, Madagascar

Tamatave (Toamasina)

Tamatave (Toamasina) (MGTMM), Toamasina, Madagascar
Soc d Exploitation du Port Toamasina Madagascar
196,000 TEUs

Requirements to ship to the ports

The following documents are required for imports: BSC (Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons, cargo follow-up document)Commercial invoiceBill of lading or Air Way BillPacking listImport declarationCertificate of origin

All perishable foods must be labelled in French or English before sale of the product, with the following information:• origin of the product• sell-by or use-by date• list of ingredients• recommended storage method• name and registration number (as applicable) of the manufacturer• intended use of the product (as applicable).

Prohibited• Illegal drugs• Weapons, explosives and ammunition• Knives and deadly weapons• Plant and plant products – unless permission has been obtained• Meat and meat products• Pets and animal products – unless permission has been obtained• Electronic equipment• Counterfeit money and goods• Pornographic materials

Restricted• All passengers planning on re-exporting guns and ammunition will be required to apply for an export permit from their local “Chef de Province”.• All perfume is subject to duty regulations and cannot enter the country for free.• Fruit and vegetables will need to be declared and an entry permit obtained before being granted entry into the country.• Protected plant and plant materials are prohibited from entering the country.• All animals entering the country will be forced to undergo a sanitary inspection upon arrival. The creatures will require a veterinarian health certificate from the country of origin specifying the creature’s condition and lack of any contagious diseases. Dogs over three months and cats over six months old will need to be specifically vaccinated against rabies less than one month and over three months respectively prior to their entry into the country.

About the port

Toamasina Autonomous Port or (in French) Société de Gestion du Port Autonome de Toamasina (SPAT) is a Malagasygovernment body that governs and regulates the Indian Ocean port of Toamasina. The operation of the port has been contracted to Madagascar International Container Terminal Services (MICTS), a subsidiary of Filipino company International Container Terminal Services Inc.. Toamasina is Madagascar's primary cargo port