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Yangon (MMRGN), Rangoon, Myanmar [Burma]


Yangon (MMRGN), Rangoon, Myanmar [Burma]
Traffic Dept, Agency Div 83-91 Bo Aung Gyaw Street Yangon Myanmar
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511,967.000 Ton

Requirements to ship to the ports

To import goods into Myanmar, a company must provide an import declaration form called CUSDEC—1 Import Declaration Form as well as the CUSDEC—4 Customs Valuation Form. Importers require these additional documents: Import Licence;Invoice;Bill of lading, air consignment note, or truck note;Cargo release order;Terminal handling report;Packing list;Technical standard and health certificate (when required) and;Recommendation from concerned ministry (when required).

To export goods from Myanmar, a company must provide an export declaration form called CUSDEC—2 as well as the CUSDEC—4 Customs Valuation Form. Exporters require these additional documents:Export license;Invoice;Bill of lading;Packing list;Sales contract;Shipping instructions;Letter of credit or general Remittance or Exemption Certificate;Sample of goods;Fumigation certificate (when required);Phytosanitary certificate (when required)Recommendation from concerned ministry (when required).

The SGT covers goods considered either luxurious, injurious to health, or harmful to the environment such as precious gems, cigarettes, and diesel. Customs officials tax imported goods which fall under the SGT between 5 percent and 80 percent with an additional 5 percent commercial tax.Only five exported items fall under the radar of the SGT: natural gas, taxed at 8 percent; wood logs and wood cuttings taxed at 5 percent; raw jade, taxed at 15 percent; other raw gemstones, taxed at 10 percent; and finished goods and jewelry made of precious gems, tax at 5 percent.

About the port

The Port of Yangon is the premier port of Myanmar and handles about 90 % of the country's exports and imports. YANGON RIVER ESTUARY & APPROACHES. The Port of Yangon is situated at Latitude 16 ံ 47' N and Longitude 96 ံ 15' E on the Yangon River and about 32 km inland from the Elephant Point on the Gulf of Martaban.