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Ashdod (ILASH), Ashdod, Israel


Ashdod (ILASH), Ashdod, Israel
Derech Petach Tikva 74 P.O.Box 20121 Tel Aviv 61201 Israel
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'Ashdod Port Company LTD PO Box 9001 77191 Ashdod Israel'
21.41 billion kg
1.525 million TEU

Requirements to ship to the ports

Following IMO cargo should be only direct delivery (i.e. containers should be discharged from the ship directly to a truck and should not go to a port yard but delivered directly to consignee) - IMO classes 1, 5.2, 7, 3.1.

SEAL NUMBER is mandatory in Israel: Shipper with shipments going to Israel (with two ports, namely Ashdod and Haifa) must declare the seal numbers of their respective containers. Failure to provide this important information will mean that these shipments will be prohibited to enter Israel.

Bank consignee is not allowed unless 'To order' is updated before the bank. And must have local Israel customer in First or Additional Notify Party.

Vehicles imports restrictions: As per local customs regulations, 1 person cannot be declared as an importer of more then 1 car per b/l unless he is a forwarder or a car dealership.

Cargo HS Code (The Harmonized System Classification of the goods) is mandatory for verify copy issuance.

About the port

The Port of Ashdod is one of Israel's two main cargo ports. The port is located in Ashdod, about 40 kilometers south of Tel Aviv, adjoining the mouth of the Lachish River. Its establishment significantly enhanced the country's port capacity