Join Cogoport Referral Program

Earn USD 50 on every successful sign up and up to USD 20 on every container sailed for a year.

Do you know people or organizations in the export – import business? If yes, then we’re looking for you! Join Cogoport Referral Program. Partner with us to make freight digital. Introduce Cogoport, its products, and services to your network and earn rewards when customers referred by you successfully register with us and a transaction bonus* when they transact on the platform!

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Why you should join Cogoport Referral Program

We offer a host of features and benefits to our Referral Program members.
For your efforts in helping us make freight digital, you earn USD 50 for every successful registration and a transaction bonus* up to USD 20 for each container sailed by each of your referred customers for 1 year.
Promos & Offers
What do your referred customers get? They get access to exciting promos, offers and an integrated digital platform to book and manage shipments. We’ll optimise logistics for them, they’ll thank you for it!
Resource Library
We provide you with an array of resources to prepare and support you in introducing Cogoport to your network and for on boarding potential customers. We’re committed to your success!

How does the Cogoport Referral Program work?

It’s easy! All you need to do is follow the steps below:
  • Register for Cogoport “Referral Program”
  • After you verify and activate your account, you will get your unique referral code on your dashboard.
  • Share the link to your unique referral code with your network/connections
You Earn USD 50 when your referred customers successfully register with That’s not all. You earn a transaction bonus* (see table below) for every container sailed by your referral for a period of one year.
Basic freight value of each container sailedTransaction Bonus*
Records of successful registrations and transactions by your referred customers are available on your dashboard.
There is no cap to how much you earn!