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Year 2020

Import Trend India 2020

A trend analysis of Imports that shows you where the industry is moving. A quick glance at the report will help you understand, imports of commodities that have undergone huge growth and those that have declined over the course of years. You will get to know about the countries that have shown impressive growth in exports to India, which eventually helps you in better decision making for your business. We have also accounted for COVID and the impact it will have on India’s Imports.

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Onion Exports Trend 2020

This report provides us with some key insights on the current scenario of onion export from India, the varieties of onions produced, countries that import from India and the impact of coronavirus.

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Plastic Report March 2020

This report provides us with some key insights on how huge the plastic industry is for MSMEs. Reaching well into the double digit growth, showcasing what worked and the top places where you can export.

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Rice Report March 2020

This report provides you insights on where to focus your efforts on. How to explore diversly to not get stuck during blockages. Which key cities of Africa to focus on to get the most out of your rice exports.

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101 Guide to Grape Exports

This report provides us with some key insights on what is the most suitable weather for harvesting grapes, most adequate packaging and the country with maximum demand for grapes.

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