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Plan shipments with up to date schedules

Track and choose from shipping schedules as you are negotiating with your buyer and considering freight rates to choose from.

Plan your freight shipments
Plan with the help of sailing schedules

Always have sailing schedules handy as you make a deal

Refer to sailing schedules as you create quotes and sales orders to make sure you know of available dates for you to ship on.


Give your buyers the power to optimize their inventory

Collaborate with your shipper/consignee on choosing sailing dates for your shipments. Include them in cost-time trade-offs as you draw up quotes.

Create and optimize inventory based on sailing dates and schedules
Choose the best dates to ship your containers

Ship on the best possible date

Quickly view trade-offs between sailing dates and prices to book the best option. A simple calculator will help you do this if you input details such as your cargo’s ready-at-origin and due-at-destination dates, time and distance to and from port, cost of working capital and inventory considerations.


Plan your supply chain

Optimize your supply chain by using a single view for all the services (freight/trucking/customs) you need. Plan & monitor everything on a single dashboard right from your factory/warehouse to destination.

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