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Account Related Questions

How do added users accept my pending invitation request?
How do I add team members? How do I manage the team-members?
How do i change my mailing address?
The team member I have invited has not received the invite? How do I resend the invite?
What do I do if there is a mismatch in quotation and final invoice ?
What information is required for completing the KYC?
How do I log in to my Cogoport account?
How do I sign-up on Cogoport?
I am facing problem while logging in. What do I do?
I forgot my password. What do I do?
I have confirmed the verification link sent on my email, but I still cannot access my account on Cogoport.
I have not received the verification mail. What do I do?
I run different companies with different PAN numbers. However, I need one login credential to manage them all. Is this possible?
Is my data secure?
What are the documents/Information needed for KYC?
What are the requirements in KYC?
What should I do if the reset password link is not working?
Why is the finance person's contact mandatory?
Why is KYC required?

FCL Product related questions

After open examination, who will provide the revised Booking Note and the related documents?
After placing the booking, my shipment status says "Cancelled", what should I do?
Can I negotiate on the prices which are shown on the platform?
How do I cancel my shipment?
How do I receive the Bill of Lading or Delivery Order?
How will I know the vehicle which will come to pick up the container?
I am trying to check the rates, but the rates are not available?
I entered the wrong weight slab for haulage during the booking process. Can it be changed, and what'll be the charges?
I haven't received IGM ( Import general manifest) Details - IGM No. / container no. / seal no. What do I do?
My Cargo Stuffing got delayed. Can I get cut off extension?
My container shut out due to Operational Constraints. What do I do?
My origin/destination port isn't listed. What should I do?
The CHA filed the documents containing incorrect information (e.g. wrong HS Code). What will happen now?
The movement of the train got delayed, which resulted in the shipper missing the gate-in cutoff. What will be the course of action now?
What happens if I miss my Document Cutoff?
What happens if I miss my Port Cutoff?
What happens if I miss my SI Cutoff?
Where can I see the details of the service provider associated with the shipment?
Who all, can see the comments made in the Bookings Feature?
Who will file the Special Service Request/VIA Permission and what will be the charges for the same?
Why is Cogoport charging Platform fee?
Why is my bill of Lading/Delivery Order on hold?
Why is there a vessel change at the last moment?
The wrong sailing date is mentioned in Booking Note / Shipping Order. What should I do?
Are cargo unloading services available on Cogoport?
Are custom clearance services for hazardous cargo and reefer containers available on Cogoport?
Are dock stuffing services available on Cogoport?
Are fumigation services available on Cogoport?
Are cargo haulage service available on Cogoport?
Can I request a quote if I do not find the rates competitive?
Do you have Customs Clearance Services?
How can I get a phytosanitary certificate?
How fast do I get my Bill of Lading (B/L)?
How many free days can I get at the destination port?
How much time does it take to process the booking note (B/N)?
I have my haulage service provider. Can you work with him/her?
Where can I check the status of my container? Where is my container?
Where can I see the available inco terms?
Which documents are required for customs clearance?
Will I get confirmed space & Inventory against the booking?
Is there a limit on the number of rate searches i can make on the platform before placing a booking
As a shipper can i bring my own service provider on Cogoport and transact with him on the platform?

Credit and Payments questions

Can I apply for credit in the first booking itself?
Can I book a shipment in the name of Company 'X' and invoice it to Company 'Y'?
Can I change the billing name and address?
Do I need to provide any security if I want to take up the credit facility with you?
From which date is credit period calculated?
How are my Credit limit and credit days determined?
How can I apply for credit through the platform?
I want to pay partly in USD and partly in INR, but my invoice is only in one currency. How do I get it?
I want to place a booking, but credit is not there why?
Invoice is raised in my name, how can I get it in my company's name.
On which invoices are the credit facility available?
Outstanding payment on the portal is incorrect. What do I do?
What is the number of days for which credit is provided?
What if I don't approve the invoice due to mismatch?
What if I need corrections on my invoice?
What is the rate of exchange for the shipment invoice?
Where do I see my settled invoices?
Where will BL surrender charge be reflected on the invoice?
Who is authorised signatory for credit agreement?
Why is the exchange rate different than the current market rate?
Are there any cancellation charges?
Can I have a separate invoice for freight in consignees name and locals in my name?
Can I pay my freight in US Dollars?
How can I get a hard copy of the invoice?
I am not comfortable sharing my financials. What should I do?
What are the Payment Terms on Cogoport?
What if I need separate invoices for all services?

Trade Documents questions

How many trade documents can i create for free?