Cargo insurance

Cargo Insurance

Protect your valuable goods during shipping with cargo insurance

Get instant insurance policies on best premiums rates

Get All risks covered - ICC-A, B, C and ITC-A, B

Don't risk financial loss - secure your cargo with reliable insurance for shipping

Protect your goods, protect your business!

Get instant specific transit polices at Best premium rates.

Safeguard your business from financial loss due to unforeseen cargo damage or loss.

Seamless end-to-end claims assistance.

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Coverage for all your Transportation needs, Guaranteed!

Insurance available for all modes of Transport

Cargo insurance available based on ICC - A, B, C and ITC - A, B conditions

From land to sea to air, ensure your cargo is protected with our all-mode transport services.

Whether by truck, train, plane, or ship, we've got you covered with our cargo insurance options

Total protection for your total peace of mind - All-Risk covered


Don't let your shipment sink your profits

Fast. Digital. Protected.

Modern supply chains, modern solutions

Best in class all-risk coverage delivered

Peace of mind, delivered

Get cargo insurance for operational resilience

Affordable solutions for managed disruptions

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30,000+ SME Importer/Exporter

trust us to move their cargo internationally

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