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OceanX Porto 2020

Marketplaces are changing the face of global trade & shipping. But how does this impact you?

Flemming Frost


Flemming Frost is the former CEO of Damco Europe. He's worked with Tesla in the past, and today he is passionately helping importers and exporters work more efficiently via Cogoport, a marketplace that makes shipping logistics smarter and faster.

In this recorded presentation for OceanX Porto he discusses how freight marketplaces are changing the shipping industry and how this will enable the SMB importer / exporter to get the same benefits as their larger counterparts. Listen in to see how it could benefit you!


Friday 20th November 2020

12:00 PM (IST) onwards


In this webinar,
you will learn

How to boost your
export digital presence

How to build a strong
brand across all channels


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