Thuật ngữ về vận chuyển

Thuật ngữ về vận chuyển


Incoterms are trade terms published by the International Chamber ofCommerce (ICC). Incoterms were revised in the 2010, this version is known as Incoterms 2010.

These terms are used in trade contracts globally to define the responsibilities and the liabilities of the exporters and importers and other parties like transporters, insurance providers, financiers, and lawyers involved in the trade transaction. The Incoterms demarcate the time/point from which the the supplier ceases to be responsible for the goods and the buyer takes over.

The ICC has listed down the following Incoterms -

Incoterms applicable to any mode of transportation:

1. EXW (Ex Works)

2. FCA (Free Carrier)

3. CPT (Carriage Paid To)

4. CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid To)

5. DAT (Delivered at Terminal)

6. DAP (Delivered at Place)

7. DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)

Incoterms applicable for Sea and Inland Water transportation:

1. FOB (Free on Board)

2. FAS (Free Alongside Ship)

3. CFR (Cost and Freight)

4. CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight)


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