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Trusted & verified customs service providers & CHAs who can help you clear your shipment at origin and destination.

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Rules & Regulations

Comply with local rules and customs procedures

Each country is unique with its customs clearance procedures. Leave it to our experts to comply with all the rules, so your shipment is never held back.

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Shipment container and cargo movement from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea to India

Customs at Origin
& Destination

Book imports from far east to India, and get door to door shipments that include customs clearance too. New geographies are added often.

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Let the experts guide you

Each one of our experts has year of experience dealing with customs clearance. So your shipments are unlikely to be delayed by inaccuracies in document requirements and submissions.

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Get assistance to classify your goods

Follow the universal HS code system and calculate duties, tariffs and other taxes. Call our customs experts and verify that you've chosen the right HS code.

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Add Services

CFS Services for
your peace of mind

Add on CFS - container freight station or cargo freight station services to stuff/ destuff goods before customs clearance. Get additional free days at the CFS, so you have complete peace of mind on clearing shipments.

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Co-ordination is key

Don't worry about co-ordinating between the shipper, airline, transporter and Customs Agents. Book with Cogoport, and our experts will make sure each supplier is in sync with the other, and your shipment reaches on time.

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Problem Solvers

Customs experts
are a call away

Book your customs clearance services online, or reach out to a dedicated customs expert. With years of experience in clearing shipments, they will find a solution that suits your needs.

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Provide us with some basic details, so a member from our team can call and understand your Transportation requirements better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of certificates are taken care of via Cogoport?

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CHAs available on the Cogoport platform can help you get all the necessary documents related to exports. They also provide essential documents like:

- Origin certificate
- Phytosanitary certificate
- VGM certificate and others

What kind of clearances are taken care of via Cogoport?

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CHAs available on the Cogoport platform can help you with various clearance services:

- Factory clearance
- Dock clearance
- On wheels clearance

How will I coordinate with my Customs House Agent (CHA)

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You can directly call our 24x7 customer support number or your dedicated account manager who will place your request with your CHA. In addition to that, you can also update your comments at the bookings page.

Can I ask for certificates after placing the booking?

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Yes, if you have already made a booking on Cogoport, you can always place a request for certificates by calling your dedicated account manager. We will then email you a confirmation of costs for the certificates you require.