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How do I sign up on your website?

Follow the below mentioned steps:- 1. To register, click on "Sign Up" on our homepage - www.cogoport.com. 2. Choose your business format - importer/exporter or freight forwarder – provide the required details and click on Register. 3. You will receive a verification email on the email id provided during registration. 4. Upon email verification, you can log in and complete the verification process. 5. Your account will be verified within 24 hours of submitting all documents required for company verification. 6. Alternatively, if one of our sales evangelists is in touch with you, he/she is empowered to request the details from you and register on your behalf. Within 24 hours, you will receive a mail notification with your account details. Should you encounter any issues, please reach out to us at +91-7818383127, or mail us at support@cogoport.com

Though I have registered on the website, why am I not allowed to seek quotes/rates on the system?

You can search for rates on the system once you have submitted the required documents and information for organization verification and your account has been verified. If you have not completed the organization verification process, please login into your account and complete the formalities. Your account will be verified within 24 hours and you can then search for freight rates. If you are not able to search for rates even after your account has been verified, it may be because of some browser/network related issue. Cogoport works best with Google Chrome or Firefox or Mozilla. Another issue could be that spot rates for certain port-pairs may not be available in the system. If this is the case or you do not find the available rate competitive, you can raise a rate request from the volume enquiry tab on the dashboard.

I have registered and even put in a volume enquiry I still can’t find any responses in the system.

Please refer to the FAQ response to “There are no SPOT rates showing in the platform/there are some unrealistic spot rates displayed on the platform”. Another potential issue could be that you may not have selected the correct port pairs as identified internationally. Please recheck the nomenclature and try again. In the event you get the same result, please write to us at support@cogoport.com or connect with our support team via the chat feature on the website and one of our customer care team members will respond to your query or get in touch with you to guide you on the same.

I have not registered on www.cogoport.com but I have received a log in id and password for Cogoport’s portal.

It is likely that someone from your organization is coordinating with one of our sales evangelists or has initiated business with us. To make the registration process easier for customers who find it difficult to register with us, we create access for them from our backend and send the account details to them directly. In case you need more help to understand our platform or concept, please reach out to us at +91-7818383127, or mail us at support@cogoport.com

I am not very computer savvy. Can I still sign up on and use Cogoport?

Our platform is user-friendly and easy to use. Should you encounter any problem or need assistance in understanding the platform, please reach out to us at +91 7818383127, or mail us at support@cogoport.com

I have confirmed the verification link sent on my email but I still cannot access my account on Cogoport.

This is very unlikely, as the system will automatically validate your email id. It could be due to some firewall or pop up settings at your end. Please check with your system administrator or write to us at support@cogoport.com.

Which documents do I need to submit to complete the verification process for my organization?

You need to submit your organization’s GST certificate and IEC code.

Which documents do I need to submit to complete the KYC?

To complete KYC, you need to upload the following documents in the KYC section in your customer profile (settings tab). 1. Canceled Cheque 2. GST Registration Certificate 3. PAN Card of Organization 4. Pan Card of Proprietor/Promoter/Director/Partner 5. Address Proof 6. Certificate of Import and Export Code 7. Old Shipping Bill 8. SEZ Certificate 9. Authority Letter

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