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How do I register on your website?

Very simple, we have multiple smooth channels for you to register. Please click on “sign up” on our home page, www.cogoport.com , put some basic details – your/company name, email id and phone number. Within 24 hours, your account will get activated. Or should we need any additional information, you will be contacted by our backend team to make your on boarding smooth. Alternatively, if one of our sales evangelists is in touch with you , he/she is empowered to take the details from you and register on your behalf. Within 24 hours, you will receive a mail notification with your account details. Should you encounter any issues, please use our interactive chat box on our home page or write to us at support@cogoport.com.

Though I have registered on the website, why am i not allowed to seek quotes/rates on the system?

Highly unlikely, but sometimes it may be because of some browser related issues. Cogoport works best with Google Chrome or Firefox or Mozilla. Another issue could be around the fact that spot rates for certain port-pairs may not be available in the system. We are continuously adding to our capability as our customer and supplier base keeps growing. But should the spot rate not be available or you do not find it attractive, you will automatically be directed towards our bidding platform, where you can update your enquiry in slightly better detail and we will present the same to the suppliers on our platform. Cogoport guarantees that you will receive your first response within 4 hours of you submitting your bid request. And you will get atleast 3 responses within 24 hours.

When will port-pairs of my interest be available in the system?

Cogoport aims to maximise the mapping of port pairs in the system but we are working on a schedule that is prioritised by our customers. Once you sign up on the Cogoport platform, there is a backend process that will aim to capture your requirements through a Customer Profiling form. This Customer Profile form also includes your favourite port-pairs. And Cogoport prioritises the same as we work with our suppliers on the platform. Should it be a new port-pair which is not there on your Profile, once you submit a bid request, our technology would automatically update this into your profile and it would be updated into system soon.

I have registered and even put in a bid request but I still cant find any responses in the system

Another potential issue could be if you have not selected the correct port pairs as identified internationally. In case of any issues we are always around the corner. The fastest way could be to use our interactive chat box and one of our customer care team members could guide you on the same

I have not registered on cogoport.com but I have received a login id and password for the Cogoport portal.

It is likely that somebody from our sales evangelist team must be in touch with you or somebody from your team is doing some business with us. To make the onboarding experience smoother for customers who find it difficult to register with us, we create an access from our backend and send the access details to them directly. In case you still need help to understand the Platform or the Concept, please feel free to reach out to us through our Chat feature on www.cogoport.com or you can even write to us on support@cogoport.com

I am not very computer friendly. Can I still join Cogoport?

The Cogoport Platform has been designed by inputs from industry professionals who cumulatively have over a hundred years of experience in the International Logistics industry. It is designed to be a very functional platform as what is required in a business-to-business environment. This platform is for the industry. One is not required to be a tech geek to use the platform. We are in the journey of making a very simple intuitive and responsive system – something that you can use on your desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phones. We also have an assisted process where any one of our team would be very happy to give you any support you want. He/She may be from the Sales evangelist team or from the Customer care team or our Chat box. And you could even write to us on support@cogoport.com.

I have confirmed on the verification link sent on my email but I still cannot access Cogoport.

It is very unlikely as the system will automatically validate your email id. Maybe it is because of some firewall or pop up settings at your end. Please check up with your system administrator or you can write to us at support@cogoport.com

The Quote I confirmed and the Invoice I received are not matching.

Please see above. This should be rare only possible in case you requested additional services post initial booking and then new charge triggers went unnoticed by you on your text messages or email. We would be very happy to walk you through on your dashboard . Please use our live chat in your shipment flow screen through your dashboard or write to us on support@cogoport.com