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Predictable, reliable LCL shipments

Predictable and reliable Less than container load - LCL rates. So you get your booking note and house bill of lading on time. Ever. Single. Time.

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Enter your CBM requirement and view LCL rates from multiple suppliers and shipping lines. Add services like origin and destination transport, and customs clearance in just a few clicks.

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Pay only for the LCL space you need

Choose how much space (in CBMs) you need to ship your goods. Speak to our team, and they will guide you on how to measure the space you may need.

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Co-ordination is key

Seven different suppliers to co-ordinate between for your LCL shipment? Spending all your time on phone calls, so the shipment isn't delayed? Let our experts handle the co-ordination, so you can focus on other, more important things. After all, your shipment is our responsibility!

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Shipment container and cargo movement from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea to India

Multiple geographies. But one place to book LCL freight.

Book imports from far east to India. Get door to door LCL services that include ocean freight, local transportation, and customs and CFS services too.

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Track your LCL shipments in real time

Track your LCL shipments via Cogoport, no matter where you booked them. Build trust with your customers by keeping them up to date at all times.

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Reliable & Predictable. Without Delay.

LCL shipment done! Get your HBL in hand

Your LCL shipment is handled by experts who have decades of experience in managing international shipments. So you can be sure of getting your House Bill of Lading on time.

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Problem Solvers

LCL experts here to help you

Book your LCL shipments online, or reach out to a dedicated LCL shipment expert. With years of experience in shipping LCL cargo, they will find a solution that suits your needs.

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Provide us with some basic details, so a member from our team can call and understand your LCL requirements better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an LCL shipment?

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LCL (less than container load) or part container load shipments are cargo consignments that do not occupy a full container and need to be grouped with other cargo to fill one shipping container.

How does one determine the cost of LCL shipments?

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A truck is bookeThe cost of LCL shipments is determined by three major factors:

1. Type of the cargo – such as general cargo, perishable cargo, hazardous cargo, etc.
2. The volume of the cargo.
3. The weight of the cargo.d for you as soon as you book a trucking service with a service provider on Cogoport.

When should I palletise my cargo?

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Cargo palletisation refers to the process when cargo is put on pallets and secured with straps to stabilise it. Such cargo is easy to handle and transport using machineries such as pallet jacks or forklifts. It is recommended that high-value LCL shipments are put on pallets in order to minimise the risk of damage. Do remember, however, that the cost of shipping might increase because of the extra weight of the pallets.

When should I pick LCL shipping?

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You should opt for LCL shipping when your cargo weight is less than 10MT.  In this case, LCL shipment rates will be lower than FCL (full container load) shipment rates.

When should I shift from LCL to FCL shipping?

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You should pick FCL shipping  in the following cases:

When your cargo weighs more than 10MT: You may be better off booking a FCL shipment as FCL rates, in this case, could be lower than LCL rates.

When your shipment is urgent: LCL cargo can take longer than FCL cargo to be shipped because it doesn’t occupy a full container and needs to be consolidated with other cargo before it can be shipped. FCL shipments, however, occupy the entire container so there is no waiting involved here.

When you want your cargo safe: In FCL, you have the entire container to yourself, hence minimising the damage that can occur when your cargo comes into contact with the (possibly bulkier) cargo of another shipment.

How do I book my LCL shipment?

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Follow these few simple steps on our website:

- Go to ‘Discover Rates’
- Fill in your requirements
- Click on ‘Search Rates’
- Search for the best-suited rate for your shipment
- Select your payment terms and billing address
- Click on ‘Book Now’