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Managing documents has never been easier

All your shipping documents in one secure place.

Reduce errors and manual effort

Pick from regulation-compliant templates and create and share professional documentation for every shipment. The documents include:

  • Quotations
  • Invoices
  • Packing Lists
  • Purchase Orders
Cogoport provides templates for creating quotations, invoices, packing lists and purchase orders
Track your freight shipments with Cogoport

Keep your shipments on track

Fewer errors means less work, fewer surprises, and fewer avoidable delays. Don’t let human error derail your shipments.

Easily share with stakeholders

Collect all the most important documents and easily share them with your customer or service provider. Keep track of who got which document when. No more going back-and-forth with your customer. No more confusion.

Encrypted and secured on Amazon servers

Secured document and customer data

The security of your data is very important to us which is why we have stored your data on one of the world’s most reliable cloud service providers: Amazon Web Services.

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Search, view, edit and share shipping and finance documents – anytime, anywhere

On the phone with your customer in a taxi? No problem. You need to compile all documentation for an audit? No problem.

Instantly find any document stored in your secure cloud storage by conducting a simple search using name/shipment ID/consignee name.

Searchable lifetime cloud storage to ensure business continuity.

edit and share shipping and finance documents

Automatic task management

When you book a shipment with us, a built-in tool assigns all documentation work to the appropriate service providers automatically.


Eliminate duplication of data entry work

When you manage shipment-related documents through the Cogoport platform, data entered once is used wherever else it becomes relevant. Nobody working on a shipment ever has to enter data already entered by someone else.

24/7 chat with freight forwarders, cha and transporters
Easy to coordinate

Resolve any issues instantly

Stay in touch with the freight forwarder, customs agents, transporters, and Cogoport in one single window.

24/7 chat feature
Mobile enabled
Expert assistance
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Professional support
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