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29 June 2021 • 7 min read

Easy Shipment Management with Cogoport

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Learn how to manage your container shipments easily using Cogoport’s Booking management tool. Export and import coordinators working with small and medium-sized enterprises or SME business owners will be familiar with the following scenario.

Export and import coordinators working with small and medium-sized enterprises or SME business owners will be familiar with the following scenario. Your team promised a customer that they would deliver their order by a particular date. Your production or procurement team closely monitored progress to ensure the shipment moved according to schedule. The cargo was picked up and taken to the port on time. Things seemed to be going well.

At the port, however, one of your previous shipments, which was about to be gated in, ran into trouble. You had so much on your plate that you missed the deadline to submit the packing list – a mandatory document that contains details of the weights and dimensions of each item, pallet or crate – to the customs broker. As a result, your containers were not loaded on the ship they were meant to sail on.

Your shipments get delayed. Faced with unhappy customers, your stress levels go up.

In an ideal world, export and import coordinators should have an automated tool that helps them book new service requests, remind them about pending tasks, and get real-time updates about shipments. Moreover, all service providers such as freight forwarders, truckers, custom clearing agents and shippers should be able to communicate with each other easily for documents needed to move the shipments. 

But this rarely happens. Most export and import coordinators or SME owners largely depend on their own notes or records to make bookings and keep track of documentation requirements and the movement of cargo. Additionally, any communication with service providers is usually routed through them. This is an unreliable system.‍

This new tool allows SMEs to: 

  • Manage shipments using just a smartphone.
  • Coordinate with all service providers for better collaboration.
  • Access all information such as financial documents and shipping records in a single place.

How Does Cogoport’s Smart Bookings Tool Make Your Life Better?

  1. Reduces chances of errors in shipment management: Get informed about all the tasks you need to complete for your containers to move. Complete those tasks on priority to ensure smooth sailing.
  1. Allows you to offer improved customer service: Track the live status of your containers and keep your customers informed 24/7. 
  1. Increases your productivity: By keeping you informed and making it easy for you to visualize all your shipments in a single place, it helps reduce the time you spend on each task and helps you manage shipments more efficiently. 

Manage Your Shipments Like an Expert

Step 1: Go to ‘Bookings’ on your left navigation panel.

Cogoport Book and Manage Shipments: Main Dashboard for Importer Exporter

Step 2: Check the pending tasks for all your shipments on the left.

Cogoport Book and Manage Shipments: Viewing pending tasks for upcoming shipments

Step 3: Select a ‘Shipment’ and check all the tasks required to be done.

Cogoport Book and Manage Shipment: Selecting a Shipment in the Booking Management Feature

Step 4: Use the ‘Services’ option to see all the services availed. 

Cogoport Book and Manage Shipments: How to see the service providers for the bookings placed

Step 5: Select ‘Billing’ to verify the quotation and to set invoice preferences.

Cogoport Book and Manage Shipments: Checking the Final Quotation for the Shipment

Step 6: Click on ‘Documents’ to track all the documents of the shipment

Cogoport Book and Manage Shipments: Checking the documents related to the bookings

Step 7: Get add-on services by going to ‘Additional Services’

Cogoport Book and Manage Shipments: How to get additional services once the booking is confirmed

Meanwhile, if you face any issues, go to ‘Comments’ on the right and raise your concerns. This will alert all stakeholders such as forwarders, customs agents and truckers to the issues you have flagged. 

Cogoport Book and Manage Shipments: Adding comments to collaborate with service providers

Our ‘Bookings’ tool helps SME exporters and importers manage shipments seamlessly by enabling them to track the live status of their shipments, coordinate with service providers all at one place, and carry out any required tasks from their smartphone from anywhere in the world.

What are you waiting for?

Book your containers and manage them easily on Cogoport today

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16 August 2023
Looking forward for import shipment management software. Please call me at 9000757521.

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