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Freight Rates & Schedules

Get competitive freight rates in seconds from top carriers

Analyse and get predictive freight rates to plan your shipment

Get access to carrier schedules, plan better

All in one easy-to-use platform

Instant Rates from Multiple Carriers

Get freight rates for all logistics services at your fingertips.

Compare shipping rates instantly with our multi-carrier quoting tool.

Get timely updates for your favourite trade lanes.

Using efficient rates, save your time and money now!

Access to Multiple Carrier Schedules

Get the most flexible and convenient shipping schedule with access to different carriers.

No more time-consuming research or limited options

Plan your shipment with high degree of certainty.

Ship it with AI

Get ahead of the game – our AI-powered platform finds you the best freight rates in seconds.

Revolutionize your shipping experience with AI-powered freight rates

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Analyse freight rate trends for your trade lane

Search instant rates & schedules

Select your carrier from various options

Book your shipment in minutes!

Say goodbye to endless carrier research

Economical rates, always!

Predictive AI will help you to predict rates with high degree of confidence.

Transparency and speed for you and your customers.

All in one easy-to-use platform

Adopt digital tools and give your business a winning edge.

Get access to vessel schedule, trans-shipment details, and freight rates.

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