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For Freight Forwarders

Buy and sell logistics with Cogoport, grow faster.
Reduce operational and financial risk.
Expand your reach globally.

Grow Revenue and Reach for your Services

Steady Revenue

Get a reliable forecast of demand coming your way.

Get and execute bookings in your area of expertise.

Timely Payments

Get paid on time, every time.

We handle collections and other risks, so you can focus on growing your business.

Digital Platform

Digitize your business, automate repetitive tasks, with Cogoport’s Digital Platform.

Handle more shipments by digitizing your business.

Sell with Cogoport as a Channel Partner

Offer End to End Service to your Customers

Freight, transportation, customs; coordinated and in sync every step of the way.

Serve your customers on all routes they ship in, not just the routes you work on.

CogoAssured Bookings for busy routes

CogoAssured service (on select routes), gives your customers confirmed bookings where vessels run full.

End to End Visibility

End to End tracking of Cargo and Documentation.

Notifications and Status updates in your or your customer’s inbox.

Dedicated Account Manager, on call, with your Premium Account

Become our Local Agent in your Country

Being a part of Cogoport’s Global Partner Network will open up a wide range of markets for your business, and give you a steady reliable revenue boost.

Receive nominations and handling requests for shipments going in and out of your country.

Increase topline, get more revenue from your existing infrastructure and service capabilities.

Schedule a personalized 1:1

Step into the future of freight forwarding with Cogoport. Experience a demo tailored to revolutionize your logistics, offering:

  • Innovative Solutions: Peek into cutting-edge features redefining freight management.
  • Expert Guidance: Direct insights from our seasoned pros, tailored to your business needs.
  • Real Answers: Interactive session to address your unique challenges.
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