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"Cogoport stands out with their regularly updated rates on the portal, setting them apart from other companies. The response time and their reliance on WhatsApp, is commendable. We appreciate their fair exchange rates without any added margin. However, there is room for improvement in terms of timely release of Bill of Lading (BL), as we often find ourselves following up repeatedly for the same."


"We are delighted to partner with Cogoport, a tech-savvy company that stands out among the few. Real-time negotiations pose no challenges, and we are pleased with the overall services provided. The competitive pricing further adds to our satisfaction. Cogoport has truly been a valuable and reliable partner in our logistics operations."


"The response time of cogoport is satisfactory. The quotes and rates vary between orders but overall we're satisfied with the pricing. The timely release of documents adds to the overall satisfaction with their services."


"We are pleased with the satisfactory rates provided by Cogoport, which generally align with the indicative rates. Their response time is commendable. Overall, we are satisfied with the services rendered by Cogoport."


We commend Cogoport for their prompt response time. To further enhance customer satisfaction, prioritizing competitive rates aligned with the market would greatly benefit our partnership.

Cleanmax Solar Private Limited

"We greatly appreciate the Cogoport's prompt response time and effective coordination. Having a single point of contact ensures clear communication, which is a valuable asset. Despite a slight delay in document release, we find the services satisfactory. Overall, we are pleased with the services provided and the support received from Cogoport."

Cirkla Technologies Private Limited

"We place our trust in Cogoport's quotations, and they have consistently been prompt and helpful. Operations have been smooth without any major issues. We are genuinely happy with our association with Cogoport and the level of service they provide."

Bihani Manufacturing Group

Rates on Cogoport's platform have been very competitive, usually better than market rates. They have improved their operations and challenges with document release have significantly reduced. We are delighted with their quality of service.

Shree Vaibhav Corporation

The procurement of rates is easy and good due to the platform. We commend their dedication to delivering competitive pricing. We acknowledge the satisfactory services offered by Cogoport.

Rajkumar Freight Forwarder

We greatly appreciate Cogoport for offering the best rates on their portal, which have been highly beneficial for us. However, we have encountered few challenges with delays in invoice generation. Nevertheless, the competitive pricing remains a significant advantage in our association with Cogoport.

Borosil Renewables

"We are satisfied with the competitive rates and responsiveness of Cogoport. However, we urge them to prioritize the immediate release of documents for an even better customer experience. Overall, they are doing a great job."

Unify Texture

"Cogoport has been very responsive, and their rates are highly competitive. However, sometimes procuring documents has been a hassle. Hence, this could be improved for a smoother experience."


"We are extremely satisfied with Cogoport's freight rates on the portal, which consistently prove to be cheaper than the market rates. The response time is highly impressive. However, there have been notable delays in receiving the final bill. Nonetheless, we appreciate their overall service and cost-effectiveness."

Insolation Energy

"We have received good service from Cogoport. Their rates are highly competitive, and the quality of their service is commendable. However, we have noticed a consistent delay in the booking process and clearance procedures, which could be improved to further enhance the overall experience."

Asian Granito

"The rates offered are very competitive, and we appreciate the wide range of options available on the platform. Cogoport is highly efficient and responsive, promptly addressing our requests for quotation (RFQs). Overall, we are very happy with the services provided by Cogoport."

Imagine Marketing Ltd

"We are satisfied with the overall services provided by Cogoport. The operations team's efficiency and procurement of rates have been impressive. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is good."

Makharia Electricals

"We appreciate Cogoport's reasonable rates and the proactive support. Despite some DO delays, the process of procuring rates is quick and convenient with multiple options available. Overall, we value our association with Cogoport."

R and R Logistics

"We are delighted with the outstanding services provided by Cogoport. The operations team has consistently delivered exceptional service. The procurement of rates has been efficient and reliable. Highly recommended!"

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