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29 April 2020 • 5 min read

Royal Blue & Orange Trading with Cogoport

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How Cogoport is helping its international partners. Cogoport for the simple fact that they are not geared towards the Fortune 500’s.

In early December 2018, RBO received a grant from Innovative (MIT) subsidy from Province South-Holland to make this a universal Certified Food Tech & Logistics platform.Royal Blue & Orange International Trading (RBO Trading) has been working on a Certified Food Tech & Logistics platform, ’From Farm to Fork’ solution around the world with specific tests, giving every farmer a chance to participate in growing their economy. They are excited to support the food industry and make the supply chain more transparent.

RBO Trading has collaborated with Milvum and Cogoport in efforts to combine their knowledge and expertise to make a bigger impact. Cogoport is a digital freight moving platform which enables businesses to increase their presence by making shipment of goods across the globe a much simpler task. 

Sukai Ceesay, CEO of Royal Blue and Orange International Trading B.V. (RBO), in a discussion with Cogoport, talked about her business’s recent involvement with us.

She is happy to have worked with us and shares how Cogoport made it easier for her to expand her business reach globally. Know what she shares about the grant, Cogoport and how it helped her expand -

Tell us about your business?

A: Royal Blue & Orange International Trading B.V. (RBO Trading) is a certified ethical, social and circular economy product and equipment sourcing solutions in the Quick Service (fast food) Industry. RBO Trading is a globally approved supplier and in the vendor list of Domino’s Pizza International and other multinational and local food companies. RBO Trading also manufactures proprietary products for companies using social, environmental and circular economy ingredients/solutions.

How has Cogoport helped your business and what problems does Cogoport help solve?

A: RBO Trading is hoping to have Cogoport participate on our platform as a logistics solution for our customers who need it.

How well does Cogoport meet your business needs?

A: I reached out to Cogoport for the simple fact that they are not geared towards the Fortune 500’s. Its logistics solution is practical for the small and medium enterprises who need practical and cost-effective logistics. I am a believer that when you help the small and medium businesses, you will indirectly help the big companies. Having digital transaction receipts and transparent quotes and billing make Cogoport a solution for our times. Looking forward to working with this team…

What two features of Cogoport are most valuable to you?

A: I would have to say, the transparency of billing and reliability of quotes.

How likely are you to recommend Cogoport to your colleagues?

A: Highly likely! Otherwise, I will not be doing business with you :))

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