Hassle-free Ocean Freight: We Make You Successful

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29 April 2020 • 4 min read

Hassle-free Ocean Freight: We Make You Successful

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Compare, Book and Ship Instantly, Cogoport promotes swiftness by bringing together human expertise and its fully online platform

Ocean freight is the most common mode of transport that importers and exporters use. A full 90% of everything is, in fact, shipped by ocean freight and sea freight. Everything around us from what we eat, wear, seat and touch been transport. Cogoport is about empowering each and everyone choice.

Started in India, Cogoport helps coordinate the complexity required to move freight across varied network of logistics asset owners. As, no company is big enough to have all the assets required—trucks, container ships, trains, warehouses, and more— multiple asset owners.

For every element of international cargo, the process would include customers having to find a truck in both countries, booking freight across the ocean, passing through customs on both sides of the ocean, storing goods in warehouses, and finally arranging the final delivery.

On top of that, competitive rates have to be secured and the pricing needs to be clearly known to the end client, to make sure it’s plausible. For a traditional freight forwarder, all of the complex coordination is done using the conventional modes like phones, emails, fax machines, and physical pieces of paper, which are a hassle in itself. To date, there has been more take up of tracking technology in air freight than ocean or sea freight. So, how do we end this extremely fatiguing game?

Cogoport is the solution!

We are improving experience by bringing in softwares, not only promoting automation but also improving the user experience for customers moving freight, subsequently providing transparency, the most necessary element. As a result, our online dashboard gives customers more visibility and control over their structured supply chain than ever before, with transparent pricing and quick tracking.

We help in lowering transaction costs and committing fewer errors, thanks to software-driven automation that augments human capabilities. Furthermore, we build specialised softwares, as we have a dedicated team of engineers that strives continuously to develop quality products best suited for our customers and serve them better.

Cogoport promotes swiftness by bringing together human expertise and its fully online platform, with instant rate comparisons and live tracking, thereby providing complete transparency to ensure a smooth freight forwarding. In only a couple of months, we have become the most favourable to do business with, in this industry. We are not only making ocean freight hassle-free, but are preferred because we are quick and affordable. We are on the track to win as we have mastered not only the logistics behind ocean freighting but also, most importantly, the experience! We innovate to make you successful.

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