How Will Business Evolve Post Covid - A Podcast

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15 July 2020 • 3 min read

How Will Business Evolve Post Covid - A Podcast

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Mr. Subrat Sarangi, Academic Professor & Industry Expert - Supply chain management. He addresses the problems that Importers and Exporters are currently facing .

Covid-19 has impacted global supply chains across industries. The impact on different supply chain networks and logistics markets has been varied and some networks have suffered more than others. New technologies and new players are emerging and there are opportunities and risks at every corner. The need for a smart and durable supply chain is a lesson of this crisis.

In the wake of the pandemic, the landscape and challenges of the $200 billion-plus Indian logistics industry that struggles with difficult ground realities is an eye-opener and  raising questions about the current strength of supply chains.

The podcast will talk about ways in which Logistics or Supply Chain management help an Export/Import business in recovering after damage caused by Covid-19 and what are the best logistics practices post Covid that would increase the cash liquidity and efficiency for an MSME.

Key Topics that will be Covered Include:

How will global trade evolve in the post-COVID-19 world? Impact on logistics as a sector, the components, challenges, and potential? What are some of the areas that a Global Importer/Exporter can work on to make life easier such as transportation issues, financial crisis, liquidity crunch, etc and avoid business complexities? Is technology the key to solving some of the issues that the logistics sector faces? How to best safeguard your business against depreciating currency?

About the Speaker:

Dr. Subrat Sarangi, brings more than 23 years of industry, management consulting, teaching and research experience, of which the last 8 years have been in academia. Prior to joining academics, he spent about 15 years in the industry. He has worked with Jindal Steel & Power Ltd., Avalon Consulting, IBM Global Services, Wipro Consulting (Bengaluru), iGATE- Patni (Bengaluru) and Beroe Inc. as Vice President, Market Intelligence (a boutique KPO in Procurement Market Intelligence) with about close to 500 direct and indirect reports, and annual revenue responsibility of about 20 million USD. 

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