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29 April 2020 • 8 min read

Freight, Sustainability, Analytics, and Tech

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This Week in Ocean Freight. Last week was all about my speaking sessions at Intermodal Europe and the ICT & Logistics event. And this week?

Last week was all about my speaking sessions at Intermodal Europe and the ICT & Logistics event. And this week? Another speaking session! I was honored to be invited to speak at the VNO NCW Women's Network event in Rotterdam. A home game for me.

The Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (known as VNO-NCW) is the largest employers' organization in the Netherlands. VNO-NCW represents the common interests of Dutch business, both at home and abroad and provides a variety of services for its members. Over 160 (branch) associations are members, representing more than 185.000 enterprises. They cover almost all sectors of the economy, including more than 80% of all medium-sized companies in the Netherlands and nearly all of the larger, corporate institutions.

The event’s theme was “She Inspires”. I spoke about my quest to make the freight industry efficient and transparent, how I got where I am today and the journey that took me there.

The past week it was almost impossible to visit a news website and not read about Brexit. Other than this mention I promise not to go there this week. Obviously, there was a lot of other interesting things going on in the world of Freight and Tech. As usual, you can find the highlights below.

Carriers, Freight, and what can happen to it...

“Carriers said they are committed to ending their overreliance on pricing regimes that have sacrificed margins on the altar of market share and that have resulted in billions of dollars in losses. Yet such a dramatic shift to emphasizing value-added services is inherently risky. It requires substantial investments in processes and technology, costs that need to be recouped by attracting new high-margin business. It is unclear if users accustomed to enjoying cheap rates on sailing services will go for pricier, value-added solutions or would rather maintain the status quo.”

Container-line transformation faces its biggest test from those paying the bills

“Typhoon Mangkhut, meanwhile, struck the Philippines, Hong Kong and mainland China: all important areas for freight import and export. Transport services were suspended, flights canceled, trains stopped and major roads closed in Hong Kong where winds reached more than 110mph and water levels surged to 12 feet in some places.”

“FM Global, a commercial and industrial property insurer surveyed 101 senior financial executives at Fortune 1000 organizations just after hurricane season last year. In the report, 64% of the respondents said the hurricane season had an adverse impact on their business, and among those impacted, 62% were not completely prepared to deal with the effects.”

October freight surge blown back by devastating storms

If you move your containers door to door via the Cogoport Platform, you will never be in doubt who is responsible for your cargo on any leg of the journey.

“Containers frequently pass from one company to another on their long journey, and holding the correct party responsible can be difficult to ascertain with so many touchpoints.”

Container, trailer damage costs companies billions, even when not at fault


“A coalition of ports in Europe and the US are demanding the shipping industry deliver on the Paris Climate Agreement.

Among those demanding action are six of the top ports in Europe and the US, Antwerp, Barcelona, Hamburg, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Rotterdam, which have launched the World Ports Climate Action Initiative.”

→ Container shipping and charity set their combined sights on 'greener' seas

Data and Analytics

While Michael Lewis, author of the Moneyball book (have you seen that movie?), was speaking about the trucking industry, this goes for the ocean freight industry as well. It is why the Cogoport platform is designed to increase insight for its users.

“The freight industry could see sweeping changes in leadership as the sector goes through growing pains to adjust to a new age of big data and analytics, author Michael Lewis said ...

..."We're living in a moment where we're beginning to understand that data has magical possibilities," said Lewis, who is known for nonfiction book titles including Liar's Poker and The Big Short.”

Author Michael Lewis sees turbulent future for freight markets in age of big data

Freight Tech

I love Tech. Whether it’s innovative IT solutions, or more operational solutions like autonomous ships, cars, or drones, Trucks and drones this week.

“Last week, Einride started running its all-electric, human-free truck on a commercial route. The “T-pod” is moving pallets of goods between warehouses run by German logistics giant Schenker, in the southern Swedish city of Jönköping. It’s a small, one-year commercial deal: Einride is operating just one truck for the time being, and covering about six miles a day, some of it on public roads, at speeds below 25 mph.”

Want to make an all-star electric truck? Drop the driver

“As cities across the U.S. look to reduce congestion on their streets, more are taking deliveries and safety initiatives to the skies, with a new drone initiative from the federal government helping drive those efforts.”

For drone deliveries, the sky's the limit

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