Write Emails Like An Expert For I/E Business


27 July 2021 • 22 min read

Write Emails Like An Expert For I/E Business

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Find the sample email templates for import-export business. How to make a product pitch, send a business proposal or quote, update the client on an ongoing transaction, deal with queries, troubleshoot, negotiations etc

Business is as much about communication as it is about closing deals and finding new customers. This is especially true for importers and exporters, who are constantly in contact with buyers, suppliers and other trading partners across the world. While business communication comes in many forms, the humble email remains an important tool. It is perhaps the easiest, simplest and most direct way to make a product pitch, send a business proposal or quote, update your client on an ongoing transaction, deal with queries, trouble shoot, and so on.  

But just sending an email isn’t enough. It must be done right. This blog explores the importance of writing professional yet simple emails for your import-export business. You’ll find:

  • Tips on writing emails
  • Easy email templates you can use

The importance of effective communication

Your written words tell your buyer or supplier a lot about you:

  • A prospective customer will most likely form their first impression of you from your emails 
  • If you respond quickly, it shows them you are attentive and that their queries matter to you
  • If you are not afraid to tell them about a problem, it shows them you are willing to take responsibility. They might be annoyed with you initially but they will appreciate a business partner who keeps them informed and deals with problems promptly          
  • Emails give you the opportunity to tell potential clients about your business/company. But instead of writing only about yourself, write about what you can do for their specific needs

Writing tips you need to know  

Given the importance of a business email, writing one calls for some expertise. Thankfully, it’s not that difficult. Here are some useful tips: 

  • Be concise and precise. Most of us don’t have the time or patience to read long, rambling letters. Keep your email short but include all the information relevant to you and your prospective client.  
  • Be professional. You can be politely friendly but not too familiar. Avoid jargon, emoticons and fancy fonts that might distract from your topic.
  • Be informative. If you are making a product pitch, include photographs, infographics and video clips.  
  • Include a subject line. The more specific it is, the greater the chance of your email being read.   
  • Put some thought into your greeting line. Find out how greetings work in your chosen market/country. Usually, addressing the client by their second name preceded by a Mr/Ms is a safe bet. In India, it is acceptable to use Sir or Madam. Don’t address a client by their first name unless you are on very familiar terms.       
  • End your email with a call to action. You can set a flag on your calendar to make contact on a later day and encourage your reader to do the same. 
  • Edit. No one likes to read a sloppy email. Check for typos, spelling and grammatical errors, inappropriate language and other mistakes. There are many free digital tools, such as Grammarly, to help you clean up your email.
Ready-to-use email templates to grow your Import-Export Business

Cogoport’s ready-to-use email templates to grow your import-export business

Following these tips, we have prepared 10 email templates for common situations in the import-export process. Pick them up, fill the blanks with your details and you’re ready to go.

I. Pre-quotation emails

1. Embassy email

Subject: Company introduction to establish business ties in COUNTRY NAME    


The Indian Embassy,



We are <COMPANY NAME>, a company that specialises in the manufacture, supply and export of <PRODUCT NAME>. We would like to introduce ourselves to you as we wish to do business in <COUNTRY NAME> and require your help in this.

As a representative of India, the Indian embassy in <COUNTRY NAME> is known to help entrepreneurs from India build trade ties with businesses there. Therefore, we would be grateful if you could provide us with the details of prominent buyers, importers, wholesalers and traders of our product. We would also appreciate your help in making contact and getting acquainted with those businesses.

Over the past <XX> years, our company has built a reputation for quality products, ethical practices and trustworthy service. You will not regret helping us gain a foothold in <COUNTRY NAME>.

Included here are our company details:

  • Company name: <COMPANY NAME>
  • Business type: <Manufacture/supply/export> 
  • Year of establishment: <DATE/MONTH/YEAR>
  • Product: <PRODUCT NAME>
  • Production capacity: <XX tons/month>
  • Registration/affiliation: <NAME OF GOVT/TRADERS’ BODY> 
  • Target customers: <Importers/wholesalers/traders/suppliers>

We look forward to your cooperation.

Thank you,


Note: You may replicate this email to request similar assistance from the Export Promotion Councils in India, which help Indian exporters overseas.

2. Introduction email

Subject: Business introduction 

Dear MR/MS <NAME>,

We, <COMPANY NAME>, are a company that manufactures, supplies and exports <PRODUCT NAME>. Since its establishment in <DATE/MONTH/YEAR>, our company has made a name for itself in the <PRODUCT NAME> market. That is because we believe in making only the highest quality products and supplying the same to our valued customers. We are proud of our skilled workforce, our knowledge of the market in India and abroad, and our commitment to providing the very best in customer service.

As we look to take our business to greater heights, we hope to be able to work with your esteemed organisation/company. Attached below is a detailed business proposal. You may also visit our website <LINK> to find out more about us.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries. We can also schedule a meeting at a time of your convenience. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,


II. Quotation emails

1. Quotation

Subject: Quotation and product specifications

Dear MR/MS <NAME>, 

Thank you for your interest in our <PRODUCT NAME>. As requested by you, we, <COMPANY NAME>, have put together relevant details of our product, including the price. You will find our price reasonable and our quality of the highest level. We also assure you of the best service.      

  • Product: <PRODUCT NAME (HS CODE)>
  • Price per unit: <$XX>
  • Total price: <$XX>
  • Price valid for: <XX days>
  • Payment terms: <XX% advance, balance on delivery> 
  • Delivery time: <XX days>
  • Port of origin: <NAME>
  • Port of destination: <NAME>

Feel free to contact us for clarifications and/or queries, or if you wish to receive a product sample. We would appreciate your response by <DATE/DAY>.

Thank you,


2. Invoice for sample

Subject: Sample shipped, invoice attached


As requested, we are pleased to provide you with samples of our <PRODUCT NAME>. We are confident that you will not be disappointed with the quality.

The samples have been shipped to the address provided by you and are scheduled to reach you within <XX days>. We charge <$XX> per sample and have included the invoice for this with this email. Some invoice details follow:

  • Invoice number: <XXXX>
  • Invoice date: <DATE/MONTH/YEAR>
  • Product sample: <PRODUCT NAME>
  • Number of pieces: <XX>
  • Price per sample: <$XX>
  • Total sample price: <$XX>
  • Country of origin: <NAME OF YOUR COUNTRY>
  • Country of destination: <NAME OF BUYER’S COUNTRY>  

Kindly acknowledge receipt of the samples once delivered. We look forward to your feedback and to taking this partnership further.

Thank you,


3. Negotiation

Subject: Discussion regarding terms of purchase

Dear MR/MS <NAME>,

Thank you for your interest in our <PRODUCT NAME>. You have conveyed your requirement for <XX> pieces of our product by <DATE/MONTH/YEAR>. We would be delighted to fulfil this order and can guarantee that the required number of goods will be delivered to you by your stated date. However, the price per product you are willing to pay, which is <$XX>, does not meet our manufacturing and shipping costs. We can sell you the products for <$XX> a piece. You will not find a more competitive rate for the quality we are offering. Therefore, we humbly urge you to reconsider your price.

We look forward to a deal that is favourable to both parties. Feel free to contact us at any time for further discussions. You can call us at <CONTACT NUMBER>.

Thank you,


III. Shipment updates to customers

1.  Shipment advice 

Subject: Shipment advice        

Dear MR/MS <NAME>,

We are pleased to inform you that your consignment of <PRODUCT NAME> was dispatched by ship on <DATE/MONTH/YEAR> as per our contract <(CONTRACT NUMBER)>. It is scheduled to reach the port of destination in <XX> days. Please find below the shipment details:

  • B/L No: <XXXXXX>
  • Carrier: <CARRIER NAME>
  • Port of origin: <NAME>
  • Port of destination: <NAME>
  • Product: <PRODUCT NAME>
  • Quantity: <XX PIECES/TONS>
  • Weight: <XX kg>
  • Price: <$XX>
  • Invoice No: <XX>

Our team will send you regular status updates of your shipment. You may also track it on the <CARRIER NAME> website <(LINK)>. We are available for any further queries.

Thank you,


2. Apology for shipment delay/transhipment delay/shutout

Subject: Shipment delay/Transhipment delay/Shutout

Dear MR/MS <NAME>,

We regret to inform you that your shipment of <XX PIECES/TONS> of <PRODUCT NAME> has been delayed due to <CAUSE OF DELAY>. Your shipment will now reach you by <DATE/MONTH/YEAR>. 

We apologise for the delay and for any problem this might cause your business. In our sincere effort to soften the blow, we have arranged <MENTION MITIGATION ACTION TAKEN BY YOUR COMPANY>.

Please accept our apologies once again. We hope we can look past this setback and continue doing business together. 

Thank you,


IV. Post-shipment emails

1. Acknowledgement of receipt of goods

Subject: Goods received

Dear MR/MS <NAME>,

We at <COMPANY NAME> acknowledge the receipt in full of the <PRODUCT NAME> detailed under <INVOICE NUMBER>. Furthermore, the <PRODUCT NAME> has been found to meet our standards.

We appreciate the care taken by you to meet our conditions. We look forward to the same prompt service in our future dealings.

Thank you,


2. Proof of delivery

Subject: Proof of delivery

Dear MR/MS <NAME>,

We trust you are doing well. I have received a proof of delivery statement from the <SERVICE PROVIDER NAME> and am forwarding the same to you. From the statement, which has been signed by you, we gather that the shipment of <PRODUCT NAME> reached you on the scheduled date and in good condition.     

Please acknowledge by email that you have received a copy of the proof of delivery. We also request you to share the copy with the issuing bank so that it can proceed with the payment for the goods under the terms of the Letter of Credit <(MENTION LETTER OF CREDIT NUMBER)>.

We thank you for your business and hope to be of service to you again.

Thank you,


3. Settlement of outstanding balance

Subject: Request for payment of outstanding balance


Dear MR/MS <NAME>,

We trust you are doing well. Our records indicate that you have an outstanding balance of <$XX> towards a consignment of <PRODUCT NAME> shipped by us on <SHIPMENT DATE> and received by you on <DELIVERY DATE>. The due date for this payment was <DUE DATE>. Please find attached a copy of the invoice <(MENTION INVOICE NUMBER)>.

Please make the payment by <NEW DUE DATE>. If not, we will be compelled to STATE LATE PAYMENT ACTION TO BE TAKEN BY YOUR COMPANY. If you have already made the payment, ignore this email and accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your cooperation. We hope to continue to do business with you.

Thank you,


While you brush up on your writing skills, just follow these easy email formats and your import-export business communication will certainly benefit. And don’t forget to try Cogoport for a range of other services, including instant freight rates and bookings.      

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