Bremerhaven (DEBRV)



portInfoDetails.portInfo.address Hansestadt Bremisches Ueberseetor 2 Bremen Germany



portInfoDetails.portInfo.phone49 421 361 8504

portInfoDetails.portInfo.fax49 421 361 8387

portInfoDetails.portInfo.corporateOfiice Hansestadt Bremisches Ueberseetor 2 Bremen Germany

portInfoDetails.portInfo.annualCargoTonnage55 million tons

portInfoDetails.portInfo.annualCargoVolume5.5 million TEUs

Bremenports (German) has managed the Bremen/Bremerhaven Port Group on behalf of the City of Bremen since 2002. Bremenports is responsible for operation and maintenance of Port of Bremerhaven infrastructure that includes 33.9 kilometers of quays, 186 kilometers of port rail tracks, 56 bridges, 5 locks, and over 9 kilometers of docks. Bremenports also manages port lands, including customer services, previously managed by the Bremen Port Authority. Finally, Bremenports markets the Port of Bremerhaven under the brand "Bremenports Bremen/Bremerhaven.

Commodity : No restrictions Weight limits for road limits max. 40 tons including truck and chassis Special cargo OOG, BB and IMO cargo is subject to regular approval procedure from the line. Special Customs requirement, the export customs procedure in Germany requires a customs reference, which has to be requested with local customs authorities at cost of Euro18 (Euro 43 for Dangerous Cargo) per container in the case that Maersk Logistics is performing this service. B/l clausing No specific clausing required


safmarine20' dry51/50 EUR
safmarine20' dry56/1045 EUR
safmarine20' dry511/1770 EUR
safmarine20' dry518 onwards90 EUR
safmarineDry40 & 40HC51/50 EUR
safmarineDry40 & 40HC56/1060 EUR
safmarineDry40 & 40HC511/1790 EUR
safmarineDry40 & 40HC518 onwards120 EUR
safmarine20' reefer51/50 EUR
safmarine20' reefer56/10100 EUR
safmarine20' reefer511/17120 EUR
safmarine20' reefer518 onwards140 EUR
safmarine40' reefer51/50 EUR
safmarine40' reefer56/10120 EUR
safmarine40' reefer511/17140 EUR
safmarine40' reefer518 onwards160 EUR
CMA20141/140 EUR
CMA201415- 2040 EUR
CMA201421- 3050 EUR
CMA201431>70 EUR
CMA40141/140 EUR
CMA401415- 2052 EUR
CMA401421- 3080 EUR
CMA401431>130 EUR
CMA40HC141/140 EUR
CMA40HC1415- 2052 EUR
CMA40HC1421- 3080 EUR
CMA40HC1431>130 EUR
CMA20 Reefer71/70 EUR
CMA20 Reefer78/14105 EUR
CMA20 Reefer715>150 EUR
CMA40 Reefer71/70 EUR
CMA40 Reefer78/14105 EUR
CMA40 Reefer715>150 EUR
CMA40HC Reefer71/70 EUR
CMA40HC Reefer78/14105 EUR
CMA40HC Reefer715>150 EUR
cosco20131/130 EUR
cosco201314-1635 EUR
cosco201317>50 EUR
cosco40131/130 EUR
cosco401314-1650 EUR
cosco401317>80 EUR
cosco40HC131/130 EUR
cosco40HC1314-1650 EUR
cosco40HC1317>80 EUR
cosco20 Reefer101/100 EUR
cosco20 Reefer1011/1335 EUR
cosco20 Reefer1014>50 EUR
cosco40 Reefer101/100 EUR
cosco40 Reefer1011/1355 EUR
cosco40 Reefer1014>80 EUR
cosco40HC Reefer101/100 EUR
cosco40HC Reefer1011/1355 EUR
cosco40HC Reefer1014>80 EUR
maersk2051/50 EUR
maersk2056/1045 EUR
maersk20511/1770 EUR
maersk20518+90 EUR
maersk4051/50 EUR
maersk4056/1060 EUR
maersk40511/1790 EUR
maersk40518+120 EUR
maersk40HC51/50 EUR
maersk40HC56/1060 EUR
maersk40HC511/1790 EUR
maersk40HC518+120 EUR
maersk20 Reefer51/50 EUR
maersk20 Reefer56/10100 EUR
maersk20 Reefer511/17120 EUR
maersk20 Reefer518+140 EUR
maersk40 Reefer51/50 EUR
maersk40 Reefer56/10120 EUR
maersk40 Reefer511/17140 EUR
maersk40 Reefer518+160 EUR
maersk40HC Reefer51/50 EUR
maersk40HC Reefer56/10120 EUR
maersk40HC Reefer511/17140 EUR
maersk40HC Reefer518+160 EUR
Hapag20NA1/330 EUR
Hapag20NA4/1055 EUR
Hapag20NA11>65 EUR
Hapag20 ReeferNANANA NA
Hapag20 ReeferNA1/365 EUR
Hapag20 ReeferNA4/1085 EUR
Hapag20 ReeferNA11>115 EUR
Hapag4031/345 EUR
Hapag4034/1065 EUR
Hapag40311>75 EUR
Hapag40HC31/345 EUR
Hapag40HC34/1065 EUR
Hapag40HC311>75 EUR
Hapag40 Reefer31/395 EUR
Hapag40 Reefer34/10105 EUR
Hapag40 Reefer311>135 EUR
Hapag40HC Reefer31/395 EUR
Hapag40HC Reefer34/10105 EUR
Hapag40HC Reefer311>135 EUR

Country Requirements & Restrictions
The import of unauthorised fireworks into Germany is prohibited under the provisions of the Explosives Act, and is therefore punishable. Textiles The import into Germany of certain textiles bought in a non-EU state may depend on your being able to show an import authorisation which you should have requested from the competent authorities before you began your journey. Animals and plants, products containing animal or vegetable substances In order to protect the flora and fauna when importing animals and plants, in addition to species protection requirements, animal welfare and phytosanitary aspects must also be observed. Weapons and ammunition The movement or import of weapons and ammunition from a non-EU state into Germany is subject the certain obligations to obtain authorisation.

Number of free days

safmarine20' dry31/30 EUR
safmarine20' dry34/1045 EUR
safmarine20' dry311/1770 EUR
safmarine20' dry318 onwards90 EUR
safmarineDry40 & 40HC31/30 EUR
safmarineDry40 & 40HC34/1060 EUR
safmarineDry40 & 40HC311/1790 EUR
safmarineDry40 & 40HC318 onwards120 EUR
safmarine20' reefer31/30 EUR
safmarine20' reefer34/10100 EUR
safmarine20' reefer311/17120 EUR
safmarine20' reefer318 onwards140 EUR
safmarine40' reefer31/30 EUR
safmarine40' reefer34/10120 EUR
safmarine40' reefer311/17140 EUR
safmarine40' reefer318 onwards160 EUR
CMA2071/70 EUR
CMA2078/1240 EUR
CMA20713- 2055 EUR
CMA20721>70 EUR
CMA4071/70 EUR
CMA4078/1263 EUR
CMA40713- 2095 EUR
CMA40721>130 EUR
CMA40HC71/70 EUR
CMA40HC78/1263 EUR
CMA40HC713- 2095 EUR
CMA40HC721>130 EUR
CMA20 Reefer51/50 EUR
CMA20 Reefer56/7125 EUR
CMA20 Reefer58>135 EUR
CMA40 Reefer51/50 EUR
CMA40 Reefer56/7125 EUR
CMA40 Reefer58>135 EUR
CMA40HC Reefer51/50 EUR
CMA40HC Reefer56/7125 EUR
CMA40HC Reefer58>135 EUR
cosco2071/70 EUR
cosco2078/1240 EUR
cosco20713-2560 EUR
cosco20726>80 EUR
cosco4071/70 EUR
cosco4078/1260 EUR
cosco40713-2580 EUR
cosco40726>100 EUR
cosco40HC71/70 EUR
cosco40HC78/1260 EUR
cosco40HC713-2580 EUR
cosco40HC726>100 EUR
cosco20 Reefer71/70 EUR
cosco20 Reefer78/1190 EUR
cosco20 Reefer712>120 EUR
cosco40 Reefer71/70 EUR
cosco40 Reefer78/11120 EUR
cosco40 Reefer712>150 EUR
cosco40HC Reefer71/70 EUR
cosco40HC Reefer78/11120 EUR
cosco40HC Reefer712>150 EUR
maersk2031/30 EUR
maersk2034/1045 EUR
maersk20311/1770 EUR
maersk20318+90 EUR
maersk4031/30 EUR
maersk4034/1060 EUR
maersk40311/1790 EUR
maersk40318+120 EUR
maersk40HC31/30 EUR
maersk40HC34/1060 EUR
maersk40HC311/1790 EUR
maersk40HC318+120 EUR
maersk20 Reefer31/30 EUR
maersk20 Reefer34/10100 EUR
maersk20 Reefer311/17120 EUR
maersk20 Reefer318+140 EUR
maersk40 Reefer31/30 EUR
maersk40 Reefer34/10120 EUR
maersk40 Reefer311/17140 EUR
maersk40 Reefer318+160 EUR
maersk40HC Reefer31/30 EUR
maersk40HC Reefer34/10120 EUR
maersk40HC Reefer311/17140 EUR
maersk40HC Reefer318+160 EUR
Hapag20NA1/335 EUR
Hapag20NA4/1055 EUR
Hapag20NA11>65 EUR
Hapag20 ReeferNANANA NA
Hapag20 ReeferNA1/365 EUR
Hapag20 ReeferNA4/1085 EUR
Hapag20 ReeferNA11>115 EUR
Hapag4031/350 EUR
Hapag4034/1065 EUR
Hapag40311>75 EUR
Hapag40HC31/350 EUR
Hapag40HC34/1065 EUR
Hapag40HC311>75 EUR
Hapag40 Reefer31/395 EUR
Hapag40 Reefer34/10105 EUR
Hapag40 Reefer311>135 EUR
Hapag40HC Reefer31/395 EUR
Hapag40HC Reefer34/10105 EUR
Hapag40HC Reefer311>135 EUR


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