Fujairah (AEFJR)



portInfoDetails.portInfo.addressFujairah, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates



portInfoDetails.portInfo.phone971 9 2228800

portInfoDetails.portInfo.fax971 9 2228811

portInfoDetails.portInfo.corporateOfiiceFujairah, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates



Port of Fujairah, also called Fujairah Port, is a deep port located in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. It is the largest port on the eastern seaboard of the United Arab Emirates and the world second largest bunkering hub.

Any cargo rejected by local authorities (customs, port, health, municipality) and in case of re-export to UAE, prior approval need to be taken from destination office by providing local consignee details for acceptance of booking or loading" Necessary Approval must be obtained from the Competent Authorities of UAE (Ministry of Environment and Water, Customs etc., ) prior to the export/ import and transit of banned waste material and Advance notification must be submitted to all relevant authorities Commodity – Charcoal/ Bitumen not accepted for export


CMA2051/50 AED
CMA2056/1285 AED
CMA20513- 19170 AED
CMA20520>350 AED
CMA4051/50 AED
CMA4056/12175 AED
CMA40513- 19350 AED
CMA40520>695 AED
CMA40HC51/50 AED
CMA40HC56/12175 AED
CMA40HC513- 19350 AED
CMA40HC520>695 AED
CMA4551/50 AED
CMA4556/12175 AED
CMA45513- 19350 AED
CMA45520>695 AED
CMA20 Reefer31-40 AED
CMA20 Reefer34/7250 AED
CMA20 Reefer38/13500 AED
CMA20 Reefer314>1000 AED
CMA40 Reefer31-40 AED
CMA40 Reefer34/7500 AED
CMA40 Reefer38/131000 AED
CMA40 Reefer314>2000 AED
CMA40HC Reefer31-40 AED
CMA40HC Reefer34/7500 AED
CMA40HC Reefer38/131000 AED
CMA40HC Reefer314>2000 AED
CMA45 Reefer31-40 AED
CMA45 Reefer34/7500 AED
CMA45 Reefer38/131000 AED
CMA45 Reefer314>2000 AED
safmarine20' dry101/100 AED
safmarine20' dry1011/1485 AED
safmarine20' dry1015-21170 AED
safmarine20' dry1022 onwards340 AED
safmarine40& 40HC'dry101/100 AED
safmarine40& 40HC'dry1011/14170 AED
safmarine40& 40HC'dry1015-21340 AED
safmarine40& 40HC'dry1022 onwards680 AED
safmarine20 reefer101/100 AED
safmarine20 reefer1011/14250 AED
safmarine20 reefer1015-21500 AED
safmarine20 reefer1022 onwards1000 AED
safmarine40 reefer101/100 AED
safmarine40 reefer1011/14500 AED
safmarine40 reefer1015-211000 AED
safmarine40 reefer1022 onwards2000 AED
cosco20101/100 AED
cosco201011/1760 AED
cosco201018-27120 AED
cosco20101/27200 AED
cosco40101/100 AED
cosco401011/17120 AED
cosco401018-27240 AED
cosco40101/27400 AED
cosco40HC101/100 AED
cosco40HC1011/17120 AED
cosco40HC1018-27240 AED
cosco40HC101/27400 AED
cosco20 Reefer51/50 AED
cosco20 Reefer56/15175 AED
cosco20 Reefer51/15350 AED
cosco40 Reefer51/50 AED
cosco40 Reefer56/15350 AED
cosco40 Reefer51/15700 AED
cosco40HC Reefer51/50 AED
cosco40HC Reefer56/15350 AED
cosco40HC Reefer51/15700 AED
maersk20101/100 AED
maersk201011/1485 AED
maersk201015- 21170 AED
maersk201022>340 AED
maersk40101/100 AED
maersk401011/14170 AED
maersk401015- 21340 AED
maersk401022>680 AED
maersk40HC101/100 AED
maersk40HC1011/14170 AED
maersk40HC1015- 21340 AED
maersk40HC1022>680 AED
maersk20 Reefer50-50 AED
maersk20 Reefer56/10250 AED
maersk20 Reefer511/15500 AED
maersk20 Reefer516>1000 AED
maersk40 Reefer50-50 AED
maersk40 Reefer56/10500 AED
maersk40 Reefer511/151000 AED
maersk40 Reefer516>2000 AED
maersk40HC Reefer50-50 AED
maersk40HC Reefer56/10500 AED
maersk40HC Reefer511/151000 AED
maersk40HC Reefer516>2000 AED

Country Requirements & Restrictions
The consignee/agent should obtain a delivery order from the Shipping Agent and submit original standard trade documentation as per the following: Commercial invoice from the exporter addressed to the importer with details about quantity, goods description and total value of each imported item Certificate of origin, stating the country of origin and approved by the Chamber of Commerce in the country of origin Detailed packing list including weight, method of packing, and HS code for each item Import permit from the competent agencies in case of importing restricted goods or duty exempted goods Bill of entry or airway bill

Number of free days

CMA2051/50 AED
CMA2056/985 AED
CMA20510/15170 AED
CMA20516>350 AED
CMA4051/50 AED
CMA4056/9175 AED
CMA40510/15350 AED
CMA40516>695 AED
CMA40HC51/50 AED
CMA40HC56/9175 AED
CMA40HC510/15350 AED
CMA40HC516>695 AED
CMA4551/50 AED
CMA4556/9175 AED
CMA45510/15350 AED
CMA45516>695 AED
CMA20 Reefer31/30 AED
CMA20 Reefer34/7250 AED
CMA20 Reefer38/13500 AED
CMA20 Reefer314>1000 AED
CMA40 Reefer31/30 AED
CMA40 Reefer34/7500 AED
CMA40 Reefer38/131000 AED
CMA40 Reefer314>2000 AED
CMA40HC Reefer31/30 AED
CMA40HC Reefer34/7500 AED
CMA40HC Reefer38/131000 AED
CMA40HC Reefer314>2000 AED
CMA45 Reefer31/30 AED
CMA45 Reefer34/7500 AED
CMA45 Reefer38/131000 AED
CMA45 Reefer314>2000 AED
safmarine20' dry51/50 AED
safmarine20' dry56/985 AED
safmarine20' dry510/16170 AED
safmarine20' dry517 onwards340 AED
safmarine40& 40HC'dry51/50 AED
safmarine40& 40HC'dry56/9170 AED
safmarine40& 40HC'dry510/16340 AED
safmarine40& 40HC'dry517 onwards680 AED
safmarine20 reefer51/50 AED
safmarine20 reefer56/9250 AED
safmarine20 reefer510/16500 AED
safmarine20 reefer517 onwards1000 AED
safmarine40 reefer51/50 AED
safmarine40 reefer56/9500 AED
safmarine40 reefer510/161000 AED
safmarine40 reefer517 onwards2000 AED
cosco2051/50 AED
cosco2056/1270 AED
cosco20513-19130 AED
cosco20520>240 AED
cosco4051/50 AED
cosco4056/12140 AED
cosco40513-19260 AED
cosco40520>480 AED
cosco40HC51/50 AED
cosco40HC56/12140 AED
cosco40HC513-19260 AED
cosco40HC520>480 AED
cosco20 Reefer31/30 AED
cosco20 Reefer34/6200 AED
cosco20 Reefer37>350 AED
cosco40 Reefer31/30 AED
cosco40 Reefer34/6400 AED
cosco40 Reefer37>700 AED
cosco40HC Reefer31/30 AED
cosco40HC Reefer34/6400 AED
cosco40HC Reefer37>700 AED
maersk2050-50 AED
maersk2056/985 AED
maersk20510/16170 AED
maersk20517>340 AED
maersk4050-50 AED
maersk4056/9170 AED
maersk40510/16340 AED
maersk40517>680 AED
maersk40HC50-50 AED
maersk40HC56/9170 AED
maersk40HC510/16340 AED
maersk40HC517>680 AED
maersk20 Reefer30-30 AED
maersk20 Reefer34/7250 AED
maersk20 Reefer38/14500 AED
maersk20 Reefer315>1000 AED
maersk40 Reefer30-30 AED
maersk40 Reefer34/7500 AED
maersk40 Reefer38/141000 AED
maersk40 Reefer315>2000 AED
maersk40HC Reefer30-30 AED
maersk40HC Reefer34/7500 AED
maersk40HC Reefer38/141000 AED
maersk40HC Reefer315>2000 AED


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