Huelva (ESHUV)



portInfoDetails.portInfo.addressP.O Box 3874 /Safat 13039/Kuwait




portInfoDetails.portInfo.fax34 959 493 137

portInfoDetails.portInfo.corporateOfiiceP.O Box 3874 /Safat 13039/Kuwait

portInfoDetails.portInfo.annualCargoTonnage21.7 million tons

portInfoDetails.portInfo.annualCargoVolume37°16'00.0"N 6°55'00.0"W

The Port of Huelva is the capital of Huelva Province in Andalusia, Spain. It sits at the confluence of the Odiel and Rio Tinto Rivers about 16 miles from the Gulf of Cadiz near Portugal on Spain’s southeastern shores.

Companies doing business in the EU or companies exporting to the EU (i.e. Authorized Economic Operators) need an Economic Operator Registration and Identification number (EORI) for Customs Declarations and to apply for Authorized Economic Operator status. Once a company has an EORI it will be valid throughout the EU customs union and is expected to expedite customs processing.


CMA20141/140 EUR
CMA201415- 2110 EUR
CMA201422>32 EUR
CMA40141/140 EUR
CMA401415- 2120 EUR
CMA401422>64 EUR
CMA40HC141/140 EUR
CMA40HC1415- 2120 EUR
CMA40HC1422>64 EUR
CMA20 Reefer51/50 EUR
CMA20 Reefer56/860 EUR
CMA20 Reefer59>70 EUR
CMA40 Reefer51/50 EUR
CMA40 Reefer56/860 EUR
CMA40 Reefer59>70 EUR
CMA40HC Reefer51/50 EUR
CMA40HC Reefer56/860 EUR
CMA40HC Reefer59>70 EUR
safmarine20' Dry100-100 EUR
safmarine20' Dry1011/155 EUR
safmarine20' Dry10as from day 1610 EUR
safmarineDry40 & 40HC100-100 EUR
safmarineDry40 & 40HC1011/1510 EUR
safmarineDry40 & 40HC10as from day 1620 EUR
safmarine20' Reefer50-50 EUR
safmarine20' Reefer56/860 EUR
safmarine20' Reefer59 onwards70 EUR
safmarine40' Reefer50-50 EUR
safmarine40' Reefer56/860 EUR
safmarine40' Reefer59 onwards70 EUR
cosco20141/140 EUR
cosco201415-2110 EUR
cosco201422>30 EUR
cosco40141/140 EUR
cosco401415-2120 EUR
cosco401422>60 EUR
cosco40HC141/140 EUR
cosco40HC1415-2120 EUR
cosco40HC1422>60 EUR
cosco20 Reefer141/140 EUR
cosco20 Reefer1415-2145 EUR
cosco20 Reefer1422>70 EUR
cosco40 Reefer141/140 EUR
cosco40 Reefer1415-2160 EUR
cosco40 Reefer1422>95 EUR
cosco40HC Reefer141/140 EUR
cosco40HC Reefer1415-2160 EUR
cosco40HC Reefer1422>95 EUR
Hapag2070-70 EUR
Hapag2077>15 EUR
Hapag4070-70 EUR
Hapag4077>25 EUR
Hapag40HC70-70 EUR
Hapag40HC77>25 EUR
Hapag20 Reefer50-50 EUR
Hapag20 Reefer56>20 EUR
Hapag40 Reefer50-50 EUR
Hapag40 Reefer56>30 EUR
Hapag40HC Reefer50-50 EUR
Hapag40HC Reefer56>30 EUR

Country Requirements & Restrictions
Import Authorization: (Autorización Administrativa de Importación, AAI) is used to control imports subject to quotas. Although there are no quotas against U.S. goods, this document may still be required if part of the shipment contains goods produced or manufactured in a third country. For goods of U.S.-origin, the document is used essentially for statistical purposes or national security.

Number of free days

CMA2071/70 EUR
CMA2078/1418 EUR
CMA20715- 2134 EUR
CMA20722>60 EUR
CMA4071/70 EUR
CMA4078/1433 EUR
CMA40715- 2160 EUR
CMA40722>90 EUR
CMA40HC71/70 EUR
CMA40HC78/1433 EUR
CMA40HC715- 2160 EUR
CMA40HC722>90 EUR
CMA20 Reefer51/50 EUR
CMA20 Reefer56/845 EUR
CMA20 Reefer59>90 EUR
CMA40 Reefer51/50 EUR
CMA40 Reefer56/855 EUR
CMA40 Reefer59>105 EUR
CMA40HC Reefer51/50 EUR
CMA40HC Reefer56/855 EUR
CMA40HC Reefer59>105 EUR
safmarine20' Dry70-70 EUR
safmarine20' Dry78/1418 EUR
safmarine20' Dry715-2134 EUR
safmarine20' Dry7From day 2254 EUR
safmarineDry40 & 40HC70-70 EUR
safmarineDry40 & 40HC78/1436 EUR
safmarineDry40 & 40HC715-2162 EUR
safmarineDry40 & 40HC7From day 2282 EUR
safmarine20' Reefer40-40 EUR
safmarine20' Reefer45/890 EUR
safmarine20' Reefer48+100 EUR
safmarine40' Reefer40-40 EUR
safmarine40' Reefer45/8100 EUR
safmarine40' Reefer48+150 EUR
cosco20101/100 EUR
cosco201011/1516 EUR
cosco201016-2035 EUR
cosco201021>50 EUR
cosco40101/100 EUR
cosco401011/1525 EUR
cosco401016-2055 EUR
cosco401021>70 EUR
cosco40HC101/100 EUR
cosco40HC1011/1525 EUR
cosco40HC1016-2055 EUR
cosco40HC1021>70 EUR
cosco20 Reefer101/100 EUR
cosco20 Reefer1011/1565 EUR
cosco20 Reefer1016>90 EUR
cosco40 Reefer101/100 EUR
cosco40 Reefer1011/1565 EUR
cosco40 Reefer1016>90 EUR
cosco40HC Reefer101/100 EUR
cosco40HC Reefer1011/1565 EUR
cosco40HC Reefer1016>90 EUR
Hapag2050-50 EUR
Hapag2056/1030 EUR
Hapag20511/2040 EUR
Hapag20520>70 EUR
Hapag4050-50 EUR
Hapag4056/1045 EUR
Hapag40511/2060 EUR
Hapag40520>100 EUR
Hapag40HC50-50 EUR
Hapag40HC56/1045 EUR
Hapag40HC511/2060 EUR
Hapag40HC520>100 EUR
Hapag20 Reefer30-30 EUR
Hapag20 Reefer34/650 EUR
Hapag20 Reefer37>90 EUR
Hapag40 Reefer30-30 EUR
Hapag40 Reefer34/670 EUR
Hapag40 Reefer37>130 EUR
Hapag40HC Reefer30-30 EUR
Hapag40HC Reefer34/670 EUR
Hapag40HC Reefer37>130 EUR


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