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Advanced Shipping Notice

An Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) is a document that provides details of a pending delivery to a customer when delivery occurs, notifying him about the physical characteristics of the shipment. The notice includes all the information about the shipment and its contents.

An ASN would generally include the following

  • Delivery date and time
  • Order information
  • Location information
  • Freight information
  • Pallet codes
  • Physical details of the consignment
  • Product details

How Does an ASN Function?

An ASN is dispatched through Electronic data interchange (EDI). Once that is intercepted, it gets uploaded to the warehouse management system of the client. The transportation management system further processes the ASN, and the shipment is received at the distribution centre or store.

To make it easier, the supplier will often either put barcodes or attach RFIDs and add that information to ASN so that when the shipment is received, it can be scanned, and in the event of an error, the supplier can be notified, and the error can be rectified.

Advantages of Using ASN

ASN equips suppliers and buyers with efficient and accurate loading and unloading of ships. It minimizes the room for human errors and is an effective way of sorting and managing the inventory. Additionally, it saves time and effort.

Errors and discrepancies are easier to spot in an ASN based system, which further makes it easier for the supplier to immediately rectify the error as well as the client/seller to claim insurance if anything goes missing.

ASN deals with multiple logistical and supply chain benefits. It is effective, efficient, and notifies the receiver of the consignment with the necessary details in order for them to arrange an outbound transportation if they wish.

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