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Agile Manufacturing

Agile manufacturing is a modern approach to respond to changing customer’s needs and market demand in time. It is an approach that makes the manufacturing process more flexible. With Agile manufacturing in place, your organization would be able to cater to the market demand in a very short span, without compromising on the quality. Consumers appreciate the speed with which you tackle the market demands.

For a better understanding of the word Agile manufacturing, let’s understand the term “agile.” Merriam-Webster defines “agile” as “having a quick resourceful and adaptable character,” which sums up the term almost accurately.

Being connected, responsive, and prompt, you get the ability to be competitive. 

Why do you need Agile Manufacturing in your business? 

Although there are several reasons to implement an agile manufacturing plan, we will provide two of the most necessary ones.

  1. Technology:
  • For example, technological advancements in industrial automation, and product traceability, impacts how consumers order and pay, and how products are designed and manufactured.
  • Unforeseen technological advancements have forced manufacturers to transform their product and production methods, which have incurred them a huge loss. Thus, Operational agility is now central to achieving competitive advantage/edge. 

  • Market volatility
  • Fluctuating product demand, labor costs, supply chain, and unseen financial crisis or economy dips have the ability to render companies bankrupt. To prepare against these unforeseen events, production must be able to respond to the situation in the most efficient and cost-effective way. 

Difference between Agile Manufacturing and Lean Manufacturing 

Some people assume that agile manufacturing and lean manufacturing are the same concepts. While similar, agile manufacturing can best be described as a step in the process of lean manufacturing.

Wikipedia explains by saying the difference between them is the equivalent of a “thin person and an athletic person.”

Agile Manufacturing vs Lean Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies in competitive markets use agile processes to differentiate themselves and achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction. But, Agile is not restricted to the manufacturing process; it is also highly used in software development.

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