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Import General Manifest: Simplifying Documentation Processes

The Import General Manifest (IGM) is a mandatory requirement under Section 30 of the Customs Act 1962. The IGM helps to ensure that all the import cargo carried by a vessel has been reported, the carrier has followed all statutory requirements, and that all the ship is carrying all required and complete documents for import.

Similar to IGM, an Import Report is filed for imports entering the country via land. It is crucial for an importer/carrier importing the products to fully comprehend this document because the transport process is declared complete when the IGM has been filed.

Who Shall File the IGM?

Before the cargo arrives at the destination port, the carrier must submit the IGM. This form must be filled out completely and submitted to the customs authority by the company handling the transport.

The exporter must appropriately follow the process even while the carrier files the IGM. Because of this, before carrying the products, the carrier must talk to the exporter about the information related to the commodities.

When to File the IGM?

Typically, the IGM needs to be submitted 24 hours after the cargo arrives at the destination port. The IGM may be submitted by the importer even before the shipment gets to the port.

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