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Avoiding Short Landed Shipments: Essential Tips

A situation when only a part of the entire cargo has arrived at the destination, even though the whole shipment was loaded/shipped together, is known as short land.

A container that is short land means that it has been left on board a shipping vessel in spite of the vessel arriving at the port of call that the container was meant to be unloaded at.

If the vessel is horribly behind schedule, it may have to do what is known in the shipping business as a "cut and run." This means the vessel must go in order to make later legs in its schedule even though unloading operations have not been completed; reasons this could occur could be bad weather at the port, an accident or issues with the dock staff can all lead to delays that the ship cannot accept in their schedule. Inconsistencies in documentation can lead to a short land. If a consignee of a container was required to be at the port to accept the delivery but did not show up in time, then the port may not accept the container. This forces it to be left onboard the shipping vessel.

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