Financial Services

Ship Now, Pay Later

Pay up to 90 days later for logistics booked with Cogoport
Use with all FCL, LCL, Air, FTL, LTL, Haulage and other services
Simple, accessible, affordable, financial solution for all your shipments.
Boost your Company's financial health.

Get Approved in 48 hours

Paperless application

Fill it yourself in 10 minutes or request a callback.

Approvals within 2 business days

Once approved, Book up to $500k worth logistics with deferred payment..

Pay your logistics bill in 90 days

Deferred payment on logistics, at as low as 0.7% per month.

Your Cashflow in your Control

Cashflow Management

Flexible Payments

Deferred Payments on cross-border and domestic shipments.

Get invoiced as per your preferences

Cargo Release on time, every time.

Streamlined Process

Easy to Use

Financial Dashboard to track payments and cashflow

Notifications on Payments to keep your shipments on track.

Grow your Business

Sync your payments with collections, fine tune your cashflow.

Ship more now with less cash in hand, with cargo release before payment.

Keep your cashflow and inventory cycles humming smoothly.

Looking to Finance your Cargo?

Trade Finance for Exporters.

Handling someone else’s cargo?

Impress your customers. Leave shipment execution to us.

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