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Casablanca (MACAS)

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Port Information

Address: Casablanca Morocco

E-mail: c_sefraoui@marsamaroc.co.ma / casablanca@marsamaroc.co.ma


Phone: 212 2254 6718 / 00 212 5 22 31 71 11

Fax: 022 31 79 10

Corporate Office: Casablanca Morocco

Annual Cargo Tonnage: 21,3 million

Annual Container Volume: 537.350 TEU

The Port of Casablanca is one of the largest artificial ports in Morocco and in the world, though it was eclipsed when Tangiers-Med—a cargo port 40 km east of Tangiers and the largest on the Mediterranean coast of Africa in terms of capacity.

Country Requirements & Restrictions
A commercial invoice: Pro-forma invoices are provided in most cases. No special invoice form is necessary. The commercial or pro-forma invoice should: Be on the supplier’s letterhead Fully describe the goods in French Indicate the HS code when available Indicate the value of the goods Indicate the currency for payment (for foreign exchange transfer), and Indicate the address of the buyer Use the date format (dd/mm/yyyy)

Number of free days

LineContainerStandard Free DaysslabsWeekly change %
safmarine20' dry140-140 MAD
safmarine20' dry1415-2475 MAD
safmarine20' dry1425-34100 MAD
safmarine20' dry14As from day 35200 MAD
safmarine20' dry1415-24150 MAD
safmarine20' dry1425-34200 MAD
safmarine20' dry14As from day 35400 MAD
safmarine20' dry14As from day 11225 MAD
safmarine20' dry14As from day 11450 MAD
CMA20101/100 MAD
CMA201011/2475 MAD
CMA201025- 4595 MAD
CMA201046>185 MAD
CMA20101/50 USD
CMA20106>80 USD
CMA40101/100 MAD
CMA401011/24160 MAD
CMA401025- 45210 MAD
CMA401046>410 MAD
CMA40101/50 USD
CMA40106>140 USD
CMA40HC101/100 MAD
CMA40HC1011/24160 MAD
CMA40HC1025- 45210 MAD
CMA40HC1046>410 MAD
CMA40HC101/50 USD
CMA40HC106>140 USD
CMA20 Reefer101/100 MAD
CMA20 Reefer1011>190 MAD
CMA20 Reefer101/30 USD
CMA20 Reefer104>200 USD
CMA40 Reefer101/100 MAD
CMA40 Reefer1011>385 MAD
CMA40 Reefer101/30 USD
CMA40 Reefer104>200 USD
CMA40HC Reefer101/100 MAD
CMA40HC Reefer1011>385 MAD
CMA40HC Reefer101/30 USD
CMA40HC Reefer104>200 USD
cosco20151/150 USD
cosco201516>60 USD
cosco40151/150 USD
cosco401516>90 USD
cosco40HC151/150 USD
cosco40HC1516>90 USD
cosco20 Reefer101/100 USD
cosco20 Reefer1011>20 USD
cosco40 Reefer101/100 USD
cosco40 Reefer1011>150 USD
cosco40HC Reefer101/100 USD
cosco40HC Reefer1011>150 USD
Hapag20100-100 USD
Hapag201011/2050 USD
Hapag201020>105 USD
Hapag40100-100 USD
Hapag401011/2060 USD
Hapag401020>120 USD
Hapag40HC100-100 USD
Hapag40HC1011/2060 USD
Hapag40HC1020>120 USD
Hapag20 Reefer70-70 USD
Hapag20 Reefer78/30100 USD
Hapag20 Reefer730>188 USD
Hapag40 Reefer70-70 USD
Hapag40 Reefer78/30120 USD
Hapag40 Reefer730>188 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer70-70 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer78/30120 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer730>188 USD
maersk2071/70 USD
maersk2078/1425 USD
maersk20715>50 USD
maersk4071/70 USD
maersk4078/1450 USD
maersk40715>80 USD
maersk40HC71/70 USD
maersk40HC78/1450 USD
maersk40HC715>80 USD
maersk20 Reefer71/70 USD
maersk20 Reefer78/1450 USD
maersk20 Reefer715>75 USD
maersk40 Reefer71/70 USD
maersk40 Reefer78/14100 USD
maersk40 Reefer715>150 USD
maersk40HC Reefer71/70 USD
maersk40HC Reefer78/14100 USD
maersk40HC Reefer715>150 USD

Country Requirements & Restrictions
The documents for goods transshipped through a third country port that may be requested include: A bill of lading showing Morocco as the final destination of the goods and the United States as the point of origin; Invoices issued by the U.S. company, addressed to the Moroccan importer; and A “certificate of non-manipulation”.

Number of free days

LineContainerStandard Free DaysslabsWeekly change %
safmarine20'dry70-70 MAD
safmarine20'dry78/15185 MAD
safmarine20'dry716-27309 MAD
safmarine20'dry7As from day 28515 MAD
safmarineDry40 & 40HC70-70 MAD
safmarineDry40 & 40HC78/15370 MAD
safmarineDry40 & 40HC716-27618 MAD
safmarineDry40 & 40HC7As from day 281030 MAD
safmarine20' reefer30-30 MAD
safmarine20' reefer3As from day 4515 MAD
safmarine40'reefer30-30 MAD
safmarine40'reefer3As from day 41030 MAD
CMA2071/70 MAD
CMA2078/17187 MAD
CMA20718- 27308 MAD
CMA20728>455 MAD
CMA2071/50 USD
CMA2076/1185 USD
CMA20712>110 USD
CMA4071/70 MAD
CMA4078/17373 MAD
CMA40718- 27615 MAD
CMA40728>860 MAD
CMA4071/50 USD
CMA4076/11110 USD
CMA40712>145 USD
CMA40HC71/70 MAD
CMA40HC78/17373 MAD
CMA40HC718- 27615 MAD
CMA40HC728>860 MAD
CMA40HC71/50 USD
CMA40HC76/11110 USD
CMA40HC712>145 USD
CMA20 Reefer31/30 MAD
CMA20 Reefer34/14515 MAD
CMA20 Reefer315- 34565 MAD
CMA20 Reefer335- 60640 MAD
CMA20 Reefer361>740 MAD
CMA20 Reefer31/30 USD
CMA20 Reefer34/6180 USD
CMA20 Reefer37>240 USD
CMA40 Reefer31/30 MAD
CMA40 Reefer34/141000 MAD
CMA40 Reefer315- 341200 MAD
CMA40 Reefer335- 601300 MAD
CMA40 Reefer361>1500 MAD
CMA40 Reefer31/30 USD
CMA40 Reefer34/6180 USD
CMA40 Reefer37>240 USD
CMA40HC Reefer31/30 MAD
CMA40HC Reefer34/141000 MAD
CMA40HC Reefer315- 341200 MAD
CMA40HC Reefer335- 601300 MAD
CMA40HC Reefer361>1500 MAD
CMA40HC Reefer31/30 USD
CMA40HC Reefer34/6180 USD
CMA40HC Reefer37>240 USD
cosco2071/70 MAD
cosco2078/17180 MAD
cosco20718-27300 MAD
cosco20728-45450 MAD
cosco20746>540 MAD
cosco2071/100 USD
cosco20711/1580 USD
cosco20716>120 USD
cosco4071/70 MAD
cosco4078/17360 MAD
cosco40718-27600 MAD
cosco40728-45900 MAD
cosco40746>1080 MAD
cosco4071/100 USD
cosco40711/15120 USD
cosco40716>180 USD
cosco40HC71/70 MAD
cosco40HC78/17360 MAD
cosco40HC718-27600 MAD
cosco40HC728-45900 MAD
cosco40HC746>1080 MAD
cosco40HC71/100 USD
cosco40HC711/15120 USD
cosco40HC716>180 USD
cosco20 Reefer31/30 -
cosco20 Reefer31/100 USD
cosco20 Reefer311>200 USD
cosco40 Reefer101/100 USD
cosco40 Reefer1011>240 USD
cosco40HC Reefer101/100 USD
cosco40HC Reefer1011>240 USD
Hapag2050-50 USD
Hapag2056/1195 USD
Hapag20511>120 USD
Hapag2051/70 MAD
Hapag2058/14227 MAD
Hapag20515- 21378 MAD
Hapag20522- 32529 MAD
Hapag20533>619 MAD
Hapag4050-50 USD
Hapag4056/11110 USD
Hapag40511>145 USD
Hapag4051/70 MAD
Hapag4058/14454 MAD
Hapag40515- 21756 MAD
Hapag40522- 321058 MAD
Hapag40533>1238 MAD
Hapag40HC50-50 USD
Hapag40HC56/11110 USD
Hapag40HC511>145 USD
Hapag40HC51/70 MAD
Hapag40HC58/14454 MAD
Hapag40HC515- 21756 MAD
Hapag40HC522- 321058 MAD
Hapag40HC533>1238 MAD
Hapag20 Reefer20-20 USD
Hapag20 Reefer23/6190 USD
Hapag20 Reefer26>250 USD
Hapag20 Reefer21/30 MAD
Hapag20 Reefer24/9715 MAD
Hapag20 Reefer210/20786 MAD
Hapag20 Reefer221- 35894 MAD
Hapag20 Reefer236>1037 MAD
Hapag40 Reefer20-20 USD
Hapag40 Reefer23/6190 USD
Hapag40 Reefer26>250 USD
Hapag40 Reefer21/30 MAD
Hapag40 Reefer24/91430 MAD
Hapag40 Reefer210/201572 MAD
Hapag40 Reefer221- 351788 MAD
Hapag40 Reefer236>2074 MAD
Hapag40HC Reefer20-20 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer23/6190 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer26>250 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer21/30 MAD
Hapag40HC Reefer24/91430 MAD
Hapag40HC Reefer210/201572 MAD
Hapag40HC Reefer221- 351788 MAD
Hapag40HC Reefer236>2074 MAD
maersk2051/50 USD
maersk2056>85 USD
maersk4051/50 USD
maersk4056>150 USD
maersk40HC51/50 USD
maersk40HC56>150 USD
maersk40 Reefer31/30 USD
maersk40 Reefer34/6185 USD
maersk40 Reefer37>250 USD
maersk40HC Reefer31/30 USD
maersk40HC Reefer34/6185 USD
maersk40HC Reefer37>250 USD

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